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Repairing Lv90 Power armour


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The Level 90 Power armour Malevolent, Sirenic, and Tectonic are created using some specific PvM drops:


Malevolent uses Malevolent energy

Sirenic uses Sirenic scales

Tectonic uses Tectonic energy


The vast majority (around 95%) of the cost comes from these PvM drop items.


However, additional items are also required to create the armour. All of these can be bought from NPCs for 500k each:

Malevolent uses Malevolent Reinforcing Plates

Sirenic uses Algarum Thread

Tectonic uses Stones of Binding


As it is, the armour cannot be recharged by any means and is tradable only at 100% charge.


My suggestion is that after the armour is created, it should be repairable by using additional Malevolent energy / Sirenic scales / Tectonic energy, with each item recharging a percentage of the armour that corresponds to how many of the item is required to create the armour in the first place. This would be the same mechanic as recharging a royal crossbow.


For example, Malevolent helm is created using 14 Malevolent energy and 1 Reinforcing plate. To recharge it, use Malevolent energy on it, and each Malevolent energy will recharge it by 7.14% (1/14).




The benefits of this:


- You can recharge a partially used item and sell it without having to get someone to kill you in wildy.

- You don't have to worry about a 99% degraded item dissolving to dust while you're in the middle of combat because you can recharge it before that point.

- You can save a small bit of money by not having to buy the 500k items from NPCs if you already own a set of armour.




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If this update came into play, I'd buy Malevolent. Sounds like a swell idea


And you can do this why Drygores, yeah? Chitin Scraps? I know those don't degrade to dust, but at least it shows they aren't completely blind to the idea of adding what your gear is made of back to it to recharge it

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