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Old pictures

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It seems like I start an "old pictures" thread too many times. Oh well.


I was bored today so I rebooted my old Dell which I had from 2004-2011 and saved some old pictures I had to a memory chip thing. Here are most of them. I was somewhat surprised that I couldn't find many pictures from late 2006 and 2007. I think I had come to a point where I just saved all my images to one filename and kept saving over the images. I don't think I can get those pictures back, if I'm wrong tell me.


With that being said, most of these pictures are of me being pretty bad. I was in clan called "The Ultimate Pkers" at the time and the clan is featured a lot in these. I couldn't find any big full out war pictures and pictures where we were wearing rune because I guess they came later. Not all of these are mine by the way, some are my brothers'. Most are from October 2005-May 2006. I also didn't include any from a thread I posted previously last summer.


Here they are:





Sleeping guard. There was this glitch that the guards would respawn as they had most previously looked, which was on the floor about to die. So they would respawn and look like they were sleeping. This is my earliest picture I could find, dated October 1st 2005. I know for a fact it's not my first one but I can't seem to find the first one.



I held a shop out of this location. No joke. All trades were to be done in this area, World 43 (the lone Philadelphia server out there).



Just my brother goofing off.









Help!!! I'm trapped at sea!!!!!



Magic level PKing a few people.



A cool picture I that I had no idea existed until recently. The yellow partyhat is faked (poorly).



This was after I got 37 prayer. I bought bones from new players for 5gp each or something and buried them on the spot. Got 43 prayer this way I think as well.



Epic drop party!!!



Yay, 60 Strength! And lol 69 combat!!!1111


The next few are from Halloween 2005. This was not my favorite holiday event but hey I got some pictures. They are taken on my noob runecrafter.














The bar at hell. I rather laugh with the sinners and cry with the saints.



The wizard plays around with somebody's beer.



Getting wasted!!!




I have no idea what this was supposed to mean...



Spot what is wrong!



Rune scimitar and monk robes are obviously quite overpowered.


Some dumb thing I did for my clan when I had recently joined it.




This is why dwarf cannons are members only. Couldn't trust those freeplayers with this!



I guess this was when the certer random event was just introduced, which is why I took the picture. I was aware of the certers because I had dabbled in Runescape Classic at this point (it was freeplay for awhile) and I thought it was cool that they were coming into Runescape 2.






Rate my bank plz.



This was at the Sals Christmas Party in 2005. Globularblob was a moderator back at that point.



75 Woodcutting. I got this before membership so I could cut magic logs for money (which I rarely did). I've gotten 10 levels since this.



Probably my first members picture. Trying out the special attack.



I heard fletching was a good way to make money so I started fletching immediately. As you can see, this is definitely not from 07scape since someone is selling a chef's hat for "2000000mil"



I had no idea what this was; had to post the image on Sals Realm and ask.



44 Runecrafting!! A major source of revenue for me at this point in time.



I think this came from when the Agility Pyramid had come out. I had no idea where the pyramid was and it took quite awhile to find it.





Quite a twist in the neck there, lol.



Yes, I should be actually! I am writing a guide!!



I didn't really believe you had to wear one of those things!



I'd call that an upset!



Dodging bullets.



The hard life of a pre-GE player. In case you were wondering, I was not auto-typing.



No idea where this came from, obviously faked. Maybe for a minigame suggestion?



Easter 2006.



This is English King, who was a top player at the time. As you can see, he is not maxed combat. This is in stark contrast from today, where if you are not maxed combat you are often considered a "noob"



The Blood Diamond was the first diamond I did for DT. Pretty tough, but I didn't die.




The shadow diamond from Desert Treasure.








Ice blitz.



This was from one of those snowball wars. They were not official Sals events but were well attended. Good times. The official Steel Wars were good too but not as frequent unfortunately.



70 Agility, yay! This was actually one of my favorite skills. As you can tell, I blocked off some confidential clan BTS talk. :P



Just after construction came out probably.




Yay, I am 1337.



At this point we enter the 2007 beyond pictures. This is my brother's picture with his pure clan. I joined it as well later. As you can see #Novus is open in the background.



66 crafting



2009. Missing the actual level picture. :/



And that's it. Again, missing many cool images like full out clan wars but we can't get everything we want in life, can we? :tongue: Looking back now, I don't understand how I was able to balance playing a ton of Runescape, leading a clan, accumulating 5,000 posts on my clan forum and around 1,500 here, and my real life. I must not have had that much work. In 2007 I had to basically quit due to not having enough time to play. From that moment I haven't had much time I suppose.


Anyway, I thought I'd share these.

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Hahaha I never thought I would see those again! About half the early ones are mine, so I don't have any to post (plus this computer is only a year old). Nice to see them again, and yes this topic does seem to come up a lot. I'm the guy in monk robes and a rune scimitar most of the time.


I do not believe world 43 was a Philadelphia world, I think it was St. Louis. All Philadelphia worlds were removed in late 2005 I think, RIP world 11 Philadelphia.

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Some very cool images. I remember these times well. I wish I had saved my pictures to my computer, instead I uploaded them all to my website which vanished one day when the hosting company closed down. A real shame that I lost a lot of gaming memories. Thank you for sharing.

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The great mystery of all lobster catchers...

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The great mystery of all lobster catchers...

The one lobster that always get away...

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Think I remember Flip72....


Though there are so many names in my head, I can't say for sure. Don't have any old pictures on this laptop, and my old desktop is broken/idk where exactly it is/pretty sure the harddrive crashed.


But cool pictures, brings back many memories. Miss those days.

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