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I was considering hosting a team speak server for Sal's, but i'd like to know if anyone would be interested in doing it before I pay for a sever.


It's just an idea that came to me, since i'm always on team speak, and i know that a few other members use it for other things, so please post ideas or thoughts on it.




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I thought there was no teamspeak originally because it would be too hard to moderate, just like IRC?


I know a bunch of members used to use Skype pretty religiously, it seemed to work much better than a TS server for the scale needed

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If we could get 80-90% of active clan members using the TS I would be down for it. At this point though I don't think there are enough clan members that couldn't just be reached through Skype or a video chat room.

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Well i'm going to bring this back by saying my skype id is "itztoreos". I have many chats i am a part of on skype and have done this kind of thing before. The nice thing about skype is that the VOIP between group convo's is free, and can be toggled, meaning that someone has to call, and someone has to answer. After a call is initiated, others that are in the group convo may join simply by clicking the 'join' button that replaces the 'call' button while a call is currently in progress within the group. The text is good and copypasta-able. Links may by posted/clicked.


Guidelines would have to be set, and pecking orders/what not. There are somewhat permissions for users but it's quite primitive.

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