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Skill Competition 52 - Overall

Dei Wei

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Thanks to Zooey for the banner.


Sal's Skill Competition 52

July 11 6:40 PM - July 13 6:40 PM GMT (UK Time)





Keep an eye out on how you're doing!


When: July 11 - July 13 (48 hours)

Skill: Overall

Prize: Underbanners made by Army for the winners and participants who meet the participation exp requirement

Participation requirement: 100k in 5 skills


General Rules

  1. If possible, try not to use effigies, xp lamps, or Warbands or get xp in any way besides training the skill itself. It ruins the fun if somebody has been saving up their lamps. Other minigames are allowed such as Runespan for Runecrafting. You should get the idea of what and what isn't "training" the skill
  2. Please log out before and after the event. This way we can track the xp fairly so that it's up to date. We will be using the runestat website listed above and I will personally have a spreadsheet just to make sure things match up.
  3. Please participate! You don't have to be a winner to get something! Participation requirements are generally very doable during the time limit and only require a decent amount of time on your part!
  4. HAVE FUN! This if for you guys to have a little bit of friendly competition. :P I don't want you guys no-lifing 48 hours straight. I let you guys choose the skills for the competitions so you guys can do what you want to do.

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SIgn me up, will update with bxp when I decide what i'm doing :yay:


Updated July 11th


Skills I'm doing:


Ranged- Zero bxp

Mining- Zero bxp

Strength- Zero bxp

Firemaking- Zero bxp (it's like I planned this)

Woodcutting- 12,897 (I blew it) Zero bxp, I cleared it! :2thumbs:


I'm going for participation with those skills above but I did two dailies that I couldn't pass up, so if you need to determine placement, please deduct:

34690 prayer

46800 crafting

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Thought it was usually 4 skills.


Last comp was only 4 skills because it was limited to gathering skills. Since this is an overall competition you've got many more skills to level up and hence 5 skills for part.


EDIT: Check it

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But it was 50k/4 skills. This is 100k/5 skills.


Again, that was a gathering comp, and most of those skills are slow XP-wise. With this you have skills like Crafting, Herblore, Dungeoneering, Prayer, Summoning, etc. that can get you 100K easily in ~30 minutes.

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I currently have bonus exp in the following skills:


Attack - 8,261

Ranged - 23,594

Magic - 722,565

Prayer - 368,274

Runecrafting - 19,015

Construction - 27,132

Dungeoneering - 17,367

Constitution - 28,680

Agility - 497,793

Herblore - 22,435

Thieving - 19,640

Crafting - 963,010

Fletching - 5,277

Fishing - 64,796

Cooking - 7,966

Firemaking - 10,853

Farming - 20,989

Summoning - 1,615


There will probably be some changes before the start of the comp. I will likely gain some more Crafting and possibly lose some Attack/Constitution.

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