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Araxxor Guide

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Araxxor Guide

Written by -Leaf-

Think spiders are squishy? Think again, as from the depths of Morytania come not one, but two spiders ready to squish you instead!

But never fear, for this guide will explain every detail on how to deal with these oversized arachnids. We're gonna need a bigger swatter...


Table of contents:

  1. Location
  2. Requirements
  3. Equipment and items
  4. Abilities 0%
  5. Path rotation
  6. Starting the fight
  7. General details 90%
  8. Phase 1 80%
  9. Phase 2 overview 80%
  10. Phase 2-1 80%
  11. Phase 2-2 80%
  12. Phase 2-3 80%
  13. Phase 3 overview 80%
  14. Phase 3 strategy 0%
  15. Final showdown 0%
  16. Rewards 0%
  17. Death 90%
  18. Duo guide 0%




The Araxyte Hive is south of Port Phasmatys and east of Canifis. The fastest way to get there is the Ectophial teleport from the Ectofuntus. Alternatively, you can use the fairy ring code ALQ or the Canifis lodestone. The closest bank is at Port Phasmatys, especially if you have level 92 Agility to use the shortcut on the southern town wall. If you have access to the Max Guild, you can tune the portal to take you directly inside the lair.





The only requirement to be able to fight Araxxor is access to Canifis.

However, the following are recommended, in order from most to least important:

  • 40 Prayer for protect from Range and Mage
  • Level 80+ weapons
  • Level 70+ armour
  • 96 Summoning for Pack Yak
  • 92 Constitution for maximum healing from Rocktails
  • 96 Herblore for Overload
  • 98 Herblore for Supreme overload
  • 98 Divination for Attuned portent of restoration
  • Seers tasks for Enhanced Excalibur
  • 75 Firemaking for magic log bonfires
  • 92 Agility for Phasmatys shortcut
  • Max or Completionist cape for Max Guild portal

Equipment and items:


This guide uses Range as the preferred combat style, but many items have equivalents in Melee or Magic.




Weapon: Ascension crossbows > Noxious longbow > Death lotus darts > Attuned crystal chakrams > Attuned crystal bow > Chaotic crossbows > Zaryte bow

Ammo: Ascension bolts > Royal bolts (Araxyte arrows with Noxious longbow)

Head/Body/Legs: Superior Void > Sirenic > Pernix > Armadyl > Superior Death lotus

Gloves: Armadyl > Tracking (Superior Void gloves if using Void set)

Boots: Armadyl > Glaiven

Cape: Completionist > Superior Reefwalker > Ava's Alerter

Neck: Farsight sniper necklace > Saradomin's Murmur

Ring: Asylum surgeon's ring > Superior Leviathan ring > Ring of Death > Archer's ring(i) > 6th age circuit > Archer's ring

Pocket: Superior scrimshaw of cruelty > Scrimshaw of cruelty > Superior scrimshaw of ranging > Scrimshaw of ranging

Aura: Supreme sharpshooter > Supreme invigorate > Inspiration > Penance > Vampyrism


It is highly recommended to bring no more than 5 degradable items, since even the most skilled of players may die, and waste a significant amount of money on repairs and replacements for degraded items, or by paying Death's ransom in lieu of looting their grave.




Vengeful Kiteshield > Eagle eye kiteshield > Elysian spirit shield > other shield

Ring of vigour

Enhanced Excalibur

Supreme overload salve > Supreme overload > Overload salve > Overload

Super prayer renewal > Prayer renewal

Replenishment potion > Adrenaline potion


Portent of Life (if <98 Divination, wear a Sign of Life in pocket slot)

Portent of Item Protection (depending on how many degradable items risked)

Unicorn stallion pouch

Healing aura scrolls

Saradomin brews

Super restores

Rocktail soup > Rocktail


Beast of burden:


Attuned portents of restoration > Portents of restoration






Path Rotation:


The defining characteristic of this boss battle are the 3 possible paths to take in phase 2 of the fight. Choosing the north, middle, and south paths will determine whether you will receive the top, middle, or bottom piece of the Spider leg reward if you should be lucky enough to receive it. Each of the three paths feature a unique fight mechanic.


In the north path, also known as Path 1 or the minion path, Araxxor will spawn minions to aid him. This is the only phase 2 path that can be completely skipped.

In the middle path, also known as Path 2 or the acid path, Araxxor must be lured into a pool of acid, then onto a stone ledge which must be destroyed using the acid.

In the south path, also known as Path 3 or the darkness path, the entire room becomes dark, dealing damage to the player while in the darkness. Araxxor will charge at the player, who must dodge out of the way.


At any given time, only 2 out of the 3 paths are open for you to challenge. This is known as a rotation. The rotation can be determined by inspecting the cocooned corpse outside the lair, or by entering the lair and checking which path is blocked by boulders and inaccessible. Each rotation will be active for 4 days before switching to the next, in sequence.


The rotations are as follows:


Rotation 1

South path blocked. North and Middle paths open.

Cocooned corpse's hint: "I died covered in acid and spiders."


Rotation 2

North path blocked. Middle and South paths open.

Cocooned corpse's hint: "I died in a dark acid pool."


Rotation 3

Middle path blocked. North and South paths open.

Cocooned corpse's hint: "I died in the dark, covered in spiders."


After Rotation 3, the rotation cycles back to 1.


Starting a fight:

After entering the Araxyte lair, jump across the pool to the west and run to the Webbed entrance. Clicking on it will present you with 3 options.


Enter boss room - Select this to enter the boss room without an instance. This will not cost any money, but you will not be timed for the kill and you will be visible to everyone in the waiting room.


You will have the option to either allow a duo partner to enter, or to go solo. If you allow a partner, only that person whose name you typed can enter the room with you, and if you go solo, no one can enter the room with you.


Once a player or a duo team enters the room, no one else can enter the boss room until the players inside complete the kill and leave, log out, or die. Instead, they must either create an instance or switch to an empty world.


When holding an Araxyte Pheromone in your inventory, Araxxor has a 100% change of spawning in the combat style weak to your equipped mainhand weapon.


Start a custom session - For a cost of 200k coins (or 150k after buying the relevant Soul Reaper reward), you may create a private instance of the boss room which lasts for up to 1 hour, or until everyone in the instance exits.


When using an instance, Araxxor has a 100% change of spawning in the combat style weak to your equipped mainhand weapon.


Join an existing session - Join an instance started by a friend. Only a max of 2 players can be in an instance; no additional fighters or spectators.



Once you enter the arena, you cannot teleport out. The only way to leave is by completing the entire battle, dying, or logging out (which can only be done when not engaged in combat - a very difficult thing to do).


General details:


Buff icons:

Several buff icons will appear on an invisible bar on the top of the screen. Hovering your cursor over an icon with display a tooltip showing information about it. Make sure that your interface is set up such that you are not blocking your view of these icons, since you cannot change the position where the icons will appear.


The buff icons that can appear are:

Rage - percentage (can go above 100%)

Minions remaining - number, in multiples of 5

Acid absorbed - number

Acid remaining in pool - number



Araxxor has a unique mechanic known as rage, which can be seen when hovering the cursor over the icon on the top of your screen. Rage affects Araxxor's standard attacks and most of his specials, and generally increases his accuracy and damage by the percentage shown.

For example, at 120% rage, Araxxor will have 220% of his base accuracy and damage.




Special Attacks:

Araxxor has 3 main special attacks which are used throughout the entire fight.

Later phases will add more possible special attacks, but they follow the same basic rules:

  • After using 5 normal attacks, Araxxor will use a randomly selected special attack.
  • A special attack cannot be used twice consecutively under normal circumstances.
  • If Araxxor is unable to use a selected special, he will instead replace it with another random special.
    -> Through this, he can use the same special consecutively.
    [Research needed]

Attack range:

[Research needed] confirmation on range/mage

Araxxor in melee form uses melee attacks with a range of 3 steps.

Araxxor in range/mage form will use range/mage attacks with a range of 10 steps. Additionally, he may use melee attacks when directly adjacent.


After absorbing acid in Path 2, Araxxor will attempt to attack the player at no further than 3 steps away, regardless of style.

[Research needed] acidic on phase 3


Araxxi's range/mage attacks can hit the player at any position on the platform. Additionally, she may use melee attacks when directly adjacent.


Attack speed:

Araxxor attacks every 2.4 seconds on phase 1, phase 2 north, and phase 2 middle.

Araxxor attacks once every [Research needed] seconds on phase 2 south.

Araxxor attacks once every 1.8 seconds on phase 3.

Araxxi attacks once every 2.4 seconds if using a range attack, or once every 1.8 seconds if using a mage or melee attack.



Araxxor moves at a speed of 2 squares per 0.6 seconds, the same as a player's run speed.


Araxxor and Araxxi's bodies have a size of 5x5 squares.


Contrary to their appearance, spider minions have a size of only 1 square.


Araxxor is immune to damage from poison, reflect, blood necklaces, and familiars.


The sign of death does work on Araxxor, but is capped to 10000 damage. It does not work against Araxxi.


Phase 1:


After you enter the fight, you have 10 seconds before Araxxor spawns, during which time your duo partner can enter if you set the fight to allow a partner.


During this time, drink your overload, activate your stat boosting prayers, and activate any auras or scrimshaws. Run to the path which you intend to go down, and stand next to the web.


As Araxxor descends from the ceiling, take note of the colour of his legs and pray the appropriate Protect or Deflect prayer.


Red is Melee, green is Range, and blue is Mage. Araxxor will be using this attack style for the entire duration of the fight.


Warning: Araxxor can attack with Melee even in his Range and Mage forms if you stand directly adjacent to him. Therefore it is suggested to not stand next to him when attacking with Range or Mage. If you are using Melee, you must either tank the melee hits, or switch prayers when you see him attack, or hit-and-run by stepping back after every attack you do.


As Araxxor is descending, you are considered to be in combat and unable to log out.

Once he hits the ground, the battle begins.

Simply click on a web to set it alight. The web will take 1 minute to burn down.

You may only burn one web. Once you have set one web on fire, the other two become impossible to burn.


Special Attacks:



The player is bound in a cocoon from which they must struggle free by rapidly clicking anywhere on the screen. It is suggested to click on Araxxor instead of on the ground so you can immediately resume combat afterward.


While you are stuck in the cocoon, you will be rapidly damaged by hits starting at 200 damage and increasing based on Araxxor's rage. It is possible to eat and drink potions while in the cocoon, but you cannot attack, use abilities, or move.


Anticipation or Freedom should be used before Araxxor uses the cocoon attack, and this will allow you to struggle free twice as quickly. You will be hit about 2-3 times if you have Anticipation or Freedom activated, compared to 5-6 times without. Freedom does NOT work once you are trapped inside the cocoon.


If you do not break free, you will continue to take damage in the cocoon until you die. After the 8th hit, the damage from the cocoon will increase, and Araxxor will begin attacking you with standard attacks in addition to the cocoon damage.


This special disrupts defensive abilities such as Devotion and Barricade and puts them on cooldown for [Research needed] seconds, except for Anticipation and Freedom.


Leg cleave:

Araxxor raises his legs, then attacks with a powerful swipe that hits for up to 3000 damage normally, and increases based on his rage. This attack will hit players that are up to 2 spaces away, and will also harm familiars such as Pack Yaks at up to 3 spaces away. Damage dealt to familiars does not increase based on rage, and hits for up to 1500 damage depending on how close the familiar is to Araxxor.


To dodge this attack, click away or use Surge/Escape as soon as you see him raise his legs. You must react in less than a second, so it is highly recommended to play on a server with low latency (Ping) to reduce lag. Additionally, beware that the legs have a large clickable area, so you may accidentally click on them when trying to click to run away.


If you are not directly next to Araxxor when he begins this attack, he will pull you next to him instantly before using the cleave. You will not be pulled if you are under the effects of Anticipation or Freedom.


Web shield:

Araxxor covers himself with a web and stops attacking. If you do not damage him while the web is active, he will heal 1000 hp 5 times before the web effect ends. If you do damage to him, it will disrupt his healing, but the damage you deal will be reflected back at you; the percent reflected is based on Araxxor's rage. Damage dealt from this reflection can be healed via Resonance.


One particularly effective strategy is to use the slow but hard-hitting Snipe ability, then immediately switch to a shield and use Resonance. By doing this you will deal one strong hit to Araxxor and heal yourself by the amount that would otherwise have been reflected onto you.




Upon starting the fight, use Anticipation immediately, because the first special attack will be used at an unpredictable time. Afterward, Araxxor will always use a special after 5 regular attacks. If you are ranging or maging, always use Anticipation or Freedom as Araxxor performs his 5th normal attack, to protect yourself from the cocoon and leg cleave specials.


Araxxor will not use the same special twice: For example, if he used the cocoon, the next special attack must be either a Cleave or Web shield. If you are meleeing, the cocoon is the only attack where Anticipation or Freedom is necessary, so keep track of which special he used previously.


You will be able to proceed to the next phase as soon as the web burns down (1 minute). During this, your goal should be to deal as much damage as possible to Araxxor.


Attack Araxxor with Basic abilities, using Anticipation/Freedom when necessary to defend against specials. Build up to 100% adrenaline and wear the Ring of vigour. Wait until Araxxor finishes a special, and activate Death's Swiftness. Drink an Adrenaline potion. Build up to Snapshot and use it. Continue building up adrenaline until Araxxor uses his next special. Depending on how much adrenaline you have, use either Unload with Death's Swiftness still active, or use Bombardment and Rapid Fire in sequence. Try to avoid eating during Death's Swiftness due to the adrenaline drain. If you have the Enhanced Excalibur, its special ability is helpful here.


Move onto the next phase by running down the path once the web is gone. You cannot kill Araxxor in this phase. Dropping his health to zero will cause him to instantly heal up to 5k hp. For an easier fight during phase 3, damage Araxxor down below 5k hp before moving on.


Phase 2 Overview:


Once a web has been fully burned down, you may enter the path to initiate Phase 2.


Once Phase 2 begins, Araxxor will refresh his lifepoints to 100k. Any remaining lifepoints from Phase 1 will be tracked invisibly, and will be used to heal him on Phase 3.


Araxxor will gain two special attacks in addition to his original three upon starting Phase 2.


Fireball and Eggs:

The first special is the Fireball and Eggs. Araxxor will spawn 2-3 eggs near himself, then launch a slow-moving fireball toward the player. The eggs, if not destroyed, will spawn spider minions, which are randomly chosen among Bladed spiders, Spitting spiders, or Imbued spiders. The fireball will travel toward the player and explode after [Research needed] seconds, damaging the player, damaging or killing any spider minions within a 5x5 square centred on the player, and destroying any eggs within the same 5x5 square.


This fireball will deal 3000 damage regardless of rage, minus 900 damage for every egg or spider minion it hits, down to a minimum of zero damage to the player. It will damage a maximum of 5 minions/eggs. For every egg or spider it hits, Araxxor's rage will increase by 1.5%.


Generally it is preferable to use the fireball to bomb the eggs and/or spider minions, rather than tanking the full 3000 damage and then dealing with the resulting minion spawns.


This special disrupts defensive abilities such as Devotion and Barricade and puts them on cooldown for [Research needed] seconds, except for Anticipation and Freedom.



The second special that Araxxor gains in this phase is dependent on which path you choose.

Depending on which path you enter, read the relevant section of the guide for Phase 2.


Phase 2 North Path:


Special Attacks:


Minion Call:

Araxxor's special attack in this path is the ability to spawn spider minions, in sets of 5 at a time. The first three times this special is used, the minions called will be 4 regular combat spiders, and 1 special spider. When this special is used for the 4th (final) time, 5 regular spiders and no special spiders will be spawned. All spider minions have 3000 hp and very low defence.


Regular combat spiders include Bladed, Spitting, or Imbued spiders, which are aggressive and attack with melee, range, and mage respectively, can deal significant amounts of damage, increasing with Araxxor's rage.


There are two special minions, the Mirrorback spider and Pulsing spider, both of whom are not aggressive unless attacked, but have extremely powerful special effects.


If a Mirrorback spider is alive and not in combat with you, all damage dealt to Araxxor will be reflected back onto the player. This reflection ability is incredibly dangerous, dealing more reflect damage than Araxxor's web shield independent of rage, and the reflected damage cannot be absorbed with Resonance.


A Pulsing spider will rapidly heal Araxxor by 5000 hp at a time. If the Pulsing spider is not attacked, it will continuously heal Araxxor.


When you see Araxxor use his minion-calling special, stop attacking Araxxor immediately and look for any Mirrorback or Pulsing spiders, which should be killed as soon as possible. Other minions should also be killed quickly, since the damage they deal can quickly stack up. Be warned that minions may be invisible if they walk underneath Araxxor. Make sure to right-click Araxxor to check. Failing to notice Mirrorback or Pulsing spiders underneath Araxxor can have dire consequences.


Multi-target abilities such as Bombardment are particularly useful against minions. Fragmentation shot or its equivalents are useful against Mirrorback, Pulsing, or Bladed spiders, all of which can only attack with melee.


This special is depletable. Araxxor can only use this special a total of 4 times, calling a total of 20 minions. Additionally, there is a max of 10 minions that can be alive in the arena at a single time. If Araxxor attempts to use this special but is unable to use it, he will instead use a random special. Be warned that this means he might use the same special twice in a row.


Fireball and Eggs:

The fireball can be used to damage minions in addition to eggs. It may sometimes be preferable to use it to bomb a large crowd of minions rather than the eggs. However, note that each minion damaged by the fireball will increase Araxxor's rage by 1.5%, the same as hitting an egg, but the fireball is not guaranteed to KO a minion, unlike eggs which will always be destroyed.


Oddly, Fireball damage to minions increases with Araxxor's rage.


A fireball can hit a maximum of 5 minions and eggs combined.



Minions are able to damage the player even when the player is cocooned.


Leg cleave:

Araxxor can hit his own minions with this attack, but doing so increases his rage by 5% per minion hit, which is significantly higher than if the minions were bombed using a Fireball.


Web shield:

The snipe-resonance strategy should not be used while minions are alive, as they may activate your resonance instead. When Araxxor uses this special, take the opportunity to kill minions without being attacked by Araxxor.




Upon activating phase 2, you may run back into the phase 1 room and fight Araxxor in that room, or run down the tunnel and fight him there.


The advantage of fighting in the phase 1 room is that the room is larger, giving you more space to move around and reducing the chance of minions being hidden underneath Araxxor's body. The advantages of fighting in the tunnel are that minions will be packed more closely together and thus easier to hit with multi-target abilities, and you can quickly move into phase 3 due to being closer to the phase 3 room.


This phase can be ended at any time by running down the path into the phase 3 room. It is possible to skip this phase entirely, but this is generally not recommended.


You cannot kill Araxxor in this phase. Dropping his health to zero will cause him to instantly heal up to 5k hp.


It is suggested to move onto phase 3 once Araxxor is at less than 5k hp and all Mirrorback/Pulsing spiders are dead.


Phase 2 Middle Path:


Key fight mechanic:

There is a large pool of acid in the middle of the path. Standing in the acid will, oddly enough, not hurt you. Araxxor must be lured into the pool of acid, where he will slowly absorb acid. Once Araxxor has absorbed enough acid, he must be lured onto the stone ledge, where his acid will slowly wear down and destroy the ledge. Once the ledge is broken, phase 2 ends. Jump down to begin phase 3.


The acid pool has a total of 100 points of acid. Araxxor will absorb 1 point of acid every 0.6 seconds while standing in the pool of acid, and lose 1 point of acid every 0.6 seconds that he is standing outside the pool of acid. 50 points of acid must be used on the stone ledge to break it.


Acid that is used on the stone ledge will be permanently removed from both the acid pool and Araxxor's body. Acid that is lost on the ground and not the stone ledge will be removed from Araxxor's body, but will regenerate in the pool. The current acid levels can be determined by hovering your cursor over the corresponding icons.


Araxxor's rage will increase by 1% for every 2.5 points of acid that is currently absorbed in his body. This rage will be reduced accordingly if the acid level in his body goes down.


Special Attacks:


Instant kill acidic spider:

Araxxor will aim an attack that looks identical to his Ranged attack onto the ground. Upon hitting the ground the attack will create a green puddle. An Acidic spider will spawn from the puddle after [Research needed] seconds, with a bar above its head and no Attack option. It will chase you at walk speed (1 square per 0.6 seconds), and will instantly kill you if it makes contact. The bar on its head will fill after [Research needed] seconds, at which point it will die in a burst of acid. If it does not touch you but is one square away from you, you will be damaged for half your maximum health (which CAN still kill you if you are below half hp).


Watch Araxxor's attacks carefully to see when he uses this special. He will use the animation for a melee attack but launches a ranged projectile. It can be particularly difficult to notice this attack when Araxxor is in Ranged form, so pay extra attention when he is about to use a special. If you see him do more than 5 regular attacks in a row, it is most likely that you missed the animation for this special, so be wary and look for where the Acidic spider spawns so you are not caught off guard.


Barricade will completely protect you from this attack. It is recommended to have Barricade ready at all times when Araxxor is on the stone ledge, since you want to avoid moving Araxxor off the ledge.


Note that a Sign/Portent of life can save you from this attack.


Fireball and Eggs:

The eggs often spawn in inconvenient locations during this path (that is, too far outside the acid pool or too far west of the ledge), and sometimes it may be a better idea to tank the Fireball than to bomb the eggs.


Cocoon or Web shield:

Since Araxxor does not move when using these specials, it can be an annoyance when he uses them while not standing in the acid pool or on the stone ledge, since it will waste the absorbed acid.


Make sure to wait until right after Araxxor finishes using a special before luring him from the pool to the ledge. You do not want him to stop inbetween and use one of these specials.


Leg cleave:

This attack can be quite dangerous if used on the ledge, since you have no room to run away. Note that if you step only 1 space away, the cleave will still damage you, but for less damage than if you were directly adjacent to Araxxor. The best strategy to use if he does this attack on the ledge is to Surge right through him. Alternately, Barricade can be used to block it, or Anticipation to ensure you survive with at least 10% of your HP remaining. Make sure to react quickly.




Hit Araxxor with Fragmentation shot, Surge east, then run to the east side of the acid pool. Araxxor should catch up to you, then stop on the west side of the pool. After a few seconds, his name will change to Araxxor (Acidic) and his graphics will change slightly. He will now enter the pool and begin absorbing acid. His attack range will also be reduced while in the Acidic form, attacking you from no more than 3 spaces away regardless of combat style.


Use Death's Swiftness and an adrenaline potion, then build up to 50% and use Snapshot. Use Anticipate before Araxxor uses his special, then react accordingly:

  • If he uses Web Shield, stop attacking, and build adrenaline by using defensive abilities or by canceling basic abilities by clicking the ground as you use them. Attack with Unload once the shield ends. The snipe-resonance combo will likely not work because Araxxor will be taking damage from touching your Death's Swiftness.
  • If he uses Cocoon or Cleave, deal with the special as you would normally, then continue attacking while in the Death's Swiftness effect. Use basics, then Bombardment followed by Rapid Fire.
  • If he spawns eggs or an instant kill Acidic spider, use two to three attacks while in the Death's Swiftness, then quickly run to the eggs or away from the Acidic spider respectively.

After finishing his second special, Araxxor should have absorbed about 60 points of acid. Immediately after his second special ends, hit him with Fragmentation shot then run all the way east on the stone ledge - do not use Surge yet.


Try to keep your adrenaline at no lower than 80% while fighting on the ledge. Because you have no room to run away here, tactics to use against Araxxor's specials will be slightly different. If Araxxor uses the leg cleave, immediately use Surge. If he spawns eggs, wait as long as possible before bombing the eggs, then quickly run back to the ledge. If he spawns an instant kill spider and there is nowhere to run, build up to 100% adrenaline and use Barricade.



Phase 2 will end immediately once Araxxor's acid breaks the ledge. Immediately jump down the ledge to begin phase 3. You will start taking damage from the environment if you linger.


For an easier phase 3, you may want to time it such that Araxxor's hp is as low as possible when the ledge breaks. To do this, simply attack Araxxor and reduce his hp before luring him into the acid pool.


Any leftover acid in the pool will affect phase 3 and 4. I recommend leaving more than 25 points of acid remaining in the pool on phase 2.


Phase 2 South Path:


Key fight mechanic:

The entire arena becomes dark, except for a small patch of light somewhere along the path. While in the dark, you will take damage every 1.2 seconds, with the damage increasing up to a certain maximum amount. The starting damage and maximum damage you take from the darkness depends on Araxxor's rage from the start of the fight, not his current rage.


The patch of light will change location every 15 seconds, so you must constantly run around looking for light to avoid being damaged by the darkness.


Araxxor cannot be engaged in the combat for the duration of this phase. He will send random range or mage attacks at you regardless of what style he normally uses. The only special attack used during this phase will be the Fireball and Eggs, which will occur every [Research needed] seconds.


Araxxor will charge at you every 60 seconds, and you must dodge out of the way by clicking the correct direction.




If you have 100% adrenaline before starting phase 2, you can use the Transfigure ability to heal from the darkness damage, up to a max heal of 5000. Otherwise, use the Regenerate ability at the start of the phase. There are very few opportunities to gain adrenaline during this phase.


Try to spend as much time as possible in the patches of light. The Surge ability can be useful when a patch of light spawns far away.


Be ready to switch prayers accordingly when you see a mage or range attack about to hit you. Resonance can be used to heal from a mage or range hit. Be sure to turn off your prayer before using resonance in order to heal more.


When eggs spawn, you will want to stay in the light for a while longer, then run to the eggs at the last second before the fireball explodes, in order to minimize exposure to the darkness.


When you see a warning message that Araxxor is about to charge, be aware that it will be 15 seconds before he uses it. If a fireball or range/mage attack is about to hit you when Araxxor charges, that attack will not hurt you, and in the case of the fireball, will not destroy any eggs (the minions will therefore spawn).


Be sure to memorize the correct directions to dodge when Araxxor charges. You have very little time to react.


If you dodge in the correct direction, you will take zero damage, and the wall will be damaged by 50%. If you dodge in an incorrect direction, you will take 2500 damage and the wall will be damaged by 25%. If you do not attempt to dodge at all, you will take 5000 damage and the wall will be undamaged.


You should always attempt a dodge, since dodging in the wrong direction is still better than not dodging at all. Note that once you click a direction, you can change your choice by clicking another direction before Araxxor hits you.


Successfully dodging will increase Araxxor's rage by [Research needed]. There is no way to complete this phase without increasing his rage, so you should always aim to dodge perfectly to finish the phase as soon as possible.


Phase 2 will end immediately once Araxxor smashes through the wall. Immediately run down the path to begin phase 3. You will continue taking damage from the darkness if you linger.


Phase 3 Overview:


Once Phase 3 begins, Araxxor will refresh his lifepoints to 100k. During this phase, 80% of Araxxor's remaining lifepoints from Phase 1 and 2 combined, rounded to the nearest thousand (you can check the amount by hovering the cursor over the buff icon), will be automatically healed from Araxxor as you damage him. If you never damaged Araxxor on Phase 1 and 2, he will heal 160k hp during this phase, on top of the 100k hp he naturally has in his health bar. Note that if you took Path 3 on Phase 2, Araxxor will not heal any hp from Phase 2.


It is impossible to deal damage fast enough to overcome this healing effect.


The only way to end this phase is to reduce Araxxor's hp to zero.


Araxxor's attack speed will increase to 1 attack every 1.8 seconds during this phase. He still uses a special every 5 attacks, so he uses specials more often due to the increased attack speed.


Special Attacks:


During this phase, Araxxor will continue to use the following specials:

Fireball and Eggs


Leg cleave

Web shield


Additional specials he may use depend on the currently active rotation.


Minion Call - if Path 1 is open:

If there are any remaining minions that have not been summoned in phase 2 path 1, or if you came through path 2 or 3, Araxxor can use this special to call minions. This special works the same as in phase 2 path 1.


Remember that this special is depletable. If Araxxor attempts to use this special but is unable to use it, he will instead use a random special. Be warned that this means he might use the same special twice in a row.


Highly Acidic Spider - if Path 2 is open:

Araxxor will summon a Highly acidic spider from the ground. This spider looks identical to the instant kill spider, except with no bar over its head. Unlike the instant kill Acidic spider, this spider cannot harm you at all, and will simply wander around doing nothing.


The amount of Highly acidic spiders that can spawn is based on the amount of acid remaining in the pool in path 2. Highly acidic spiders basically hold the remaining points of acid from path 2, and do nothing but wander around until you lure them. Each one can hold a maximum of 25 points of acid.


Clicking to lure a Highly acidic spider will make it follow you. If the spider walks through Araxxor's body, Araxxor will absorb the acid contained in the spider, healing him by 5000 hp per 25 points of acid, as well as increasing rage by 10% per 25 points of acid. Araxxor can absorb more than one Highly acidic spider at once if they are made to walk through him at the same time. If you intend to lure the spiders, the best strategy is to lure all the spiders while Araxxor is doing a web shield, then surge through Araxxor.


Highly acidic spiders will travel at walk speed, 1 square per 0.6 seconds.


This special is depletable. If Araxxor attempts to use this special but is unable to use it because there is no acid remaining in the pool, he will instead use a random special. Be warned that this means he might use the same special twice in a row.


Instant kill acidic spider - if Path 2 is open:

Araxxor will use this special in the same way as in phase 2 path 2, but due to the larger space available to move around, this special is easier to avoid. The important thing is to recognize the difference between the instant kill spider and the Highly acidic spider.


Temporary Darkness - if Path 3 is open:

The arena will be temporarily darkened, and a patch of light will appear some. You will take damage while standing in the darkness, in the same way as in phase 2 path 3.


Unlike phase 2, the darkness will only last for 15 [Research needed] seconds. It may be preferable to tank the darkness rather than moving if you currently have Death's Swiftness active, especially if Araxxor's rage is low. You will take a total of [Research needed] damage if you stay in the darkness for the entire duration of this special.


There are only three possible locations where the patch of light can spawn in this phase. It is suggested to stay in the spawn location of the eastern patch of light while fighting Araxxor, since you will take no damage if the light spawns in the east, and can quickly run to either the north or south if the light spawns there.


Phase 3 Strategy:


Your strategy will depend on which paths are open and which path you took for Phase 2.


Rotation 1:

During this rotation, it is significantly easier to approach through path 1 than path 2.


Rotation 2:

During this rotation, it is easier to approach through path 3 than path 2, but faster to approach through path 2.


Rotation 3:

During this rotation, it is significantly easier to approach through path 1 than path 3.


Final showdown:










If you die, your grave will appear in a graveyard that can be accessed by right-clicking the entrance to the Araxyte hive. It should take no longer than 3 minutes to run to the graveyard from the Canifis lodestone, and even less time if using faster routes.


If you die from an instanced fight and no one is left in the instance, that instance will be deleted.


If you kill Araxxi and die at the exact same time, you will gain the killcount and Araxxor's starting rage will increase by 20%, but you will not be able to loot Araxxi's corpse at all.


Duo guide:



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Have you been hugging the high level forums? Lots of mod hints there on RSOF. Reddit is lit up with suggestions/strategies. Mods are saying that people have not figured out some mechanics yet. Still so much to learn about this boss! Good luck! I will probably give it a try soon myself.

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Have you been hugging the high level forums? Lots of mod hints there on RSOF. Reddit is lit up with suggestions/strategies. Mods are saying that people have not figured out some mechanics yet. Still so much to learn about this boss! Good luck! I will probably give it a try soon myself.

Damn I haven't even considered checking the HLF. Even if I do, fishing for mod comments is going to be pretty damn hard. I don't use Reddit so you can help with that if you please.

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Good luck. Rumor has it that you can avoid the somewhat avoid the bouncing thing at the end by moving only one square away from where it is supposed to hit. It bounces five times randomly then goes after you again.


That's all I think I might know that you don't, and I haven't even confirmed it.

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Some image submissions








Edited by -Leaf-

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Hey leaf, I've been using this guide for a little. I decided to try with melee for kicks. Got any tips for that? Obviously a bit disadvantageous, but the damage is pretty fast.


Also, I noticed that you wrote cocoon was possible for phase 3. I went through phase 3 a lot yesterday and didn't get any cocoons on phase 3 and then it started again at phase 4.

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Hey leaf, I've been using this guide for a little. I decided to try with melee for kicks. Got any tips for that? Obviously a bit disadvantageous, but the damage is pretty fast.


Also, I noticed that you wrote cocoon was possible for phase 3. I went through phase 3 a lot yesterday and didn't get any cocoons on phase 3 and then it started again at phase 4.


His 3 base specials (cocoon, swipe/cleave, web reflect) can occur on all 4 phases including Araxxi.


Leaf, note that to tell the difference between a normal ranged animation and an acidic spider spawning animation, is that his normal ranged attack begins with a normal ranged/magic attack animation, where he raises his head/front of body slightly and jerks upwards, shooting the ranged or magic attack. If he spawns an acidic spider, he swipes down with his front legs as if he's doing a regular melee attack, with the acidic spawn shooting out of him. Note that this same melee attack animation is used when he spawns highly acidic spiders as well.

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I am aware of all this, I didn't think the melee animation thing is important compared to the attack visual and puddle but I guess it might be worth mentioning.


I am busy because of school and haven't had much time to write.

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On 3/7/2015 at 9:40 PM, Sobend said:

Hey leaf, I've been using this guide for a little. I decided to try with melee for kicks. Got any tips for that? Obviously a bit disadvantageous, but the damage is pretty fast.


Also, I noticed that you wrote cocoon was possible for phase 3. I went through phase 3 a lot yesterday and didn't get any cocoons on phase 3 and then it started again at phase 4.

Damn I haven't even considered checking the HLF. Even if I do, fishing for mod comments is going to be pretty damn hard. I don't use Reddit so you can help with that if you please.

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