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Daily/ Weekly Activities!

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Hey Salmons!


I think one guide that would definitely help each and every person in the game is a guide about "Dailies and Weeklies"

Not the daily challenges from Burthope, but things like Mining Red Sandstone, Buying the Battlestaves from Naff, Agoroth, etc.


RuneScape Wikia has something of this sort, but we could go one step further, and rank them based on how much they'll benefit the player. (For example, you can buy 9,000 feathers from shops around Runescape, for 6 gp each. This would cost 54,000 coins. The market price for feathers in the Grand Exchange is 30 gp each, which would mean a 270,000 coins return, and a profit of 200k. So you'd much rather do that then say, Pineapples from Del Monti or something.)


We could also do the same with D&Ds, and suggest ones that should be done more often than the others.


Let me know what you guys think!

~Rene the Derp

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Sounds like a pretty good idea. Unfortunately I don't know much about dailies/weeklies so I can't be of much help, but you could start a guide and I'm sure a few people would be willing to lend you a hand. :)

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This seems like a pretty good idea, you could create a tool of some sort that links to GE prices and determines what is the best daily.. I don't know if anyone here is good enough at progamming to do that, maybe Sal is.


Thanks for feathers tip, never heard of that before.

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