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Meteorology Homework (Water Vapor)

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Hi I need help with my meteorology homework how would I answer these problems.


1. A 5,000 foot mountain has T= 45 F and has RH=100% at the top. If the air mass comes down the mountain with no moisture loss, what will T be at the Bottom? ______f. RH?_________%

2. An air mass with T= 55 degrees F, and Tdew= 44 degrees F, approaches a 7,000 foot mountain. What will be the LCL? ________ft. What will T and Tdew be on the mountain top? T=__________, Tdew=_________

3. If the BP today is 1010 mb and the temp out is 50 F , what is the maximum number of mb that can be due to H2O?____________

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