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Total amount of words written on here


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Does anyone ever ponder how much they've written on this site? For example, I apparently have over 5,000 posts, and if we take into account the ~2,000 posts which got deleted in the forum upgrade and then the posts which did not contribute towards post count, we're probably looking at 9,000 posts for me. And many people are better.


How much do you think you've typed here? Not every post is long, but some can be 500 words or so.

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If I average ~50 words a post then that's ~280K words total. I honestly don't know what a good average would be, because there are guides like Dungeoneering (5.7k words) and Missing, Presumed Death (2.5k words) and then there are the one/two word replies (don't ban me plOx), but yeah a heck of a lot.

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So before this post there are 2,575,037 total posts on Sals. I decided on a mostly arbitrary guess of 35 words per post. This brings the total word-count to around 90 million.


Mine would be probably 60-70,000. A lot of my posts are short.

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Does that include deleted posts / scape lounge stuff?

Yeah. I just scrolled to the bottom of the page and it has the stat there.


The scape lounge might bring the average down some, so maybe its closer to 80 million.


EDIT: I don't know if it includes deleted posts...

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I don't really have that many posts, I think my posts tended to be longer than average because of clan discussion and guides though. Probably 70 words per post average, so about 100,000 words. When you consider that takes place over more than 8 years it's not mind boggling, I regularly write essays with word counts in the thousands and that is just in a couple of days.

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If I take into account the 'Scape Lounge and other non-poost count subforums, as well as long posts I've written like multiple guides, skill logs etc, I'd take a guess at like eighty words per post or so. That sentence was like 40 words so it's quite easy to make a large-ish post. That'd add up to like 736k words, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was closer to a million.

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