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After close to 5 weeks of doing only divination dailies, I've finally got my break and hit 99 Divination, my #26th 99!


Also, on the same day (13th September 2014), I've finally reached 99 in every single skill :lol:


99 Divination!




This picture honestly looks much better though.




I nearly disconnected from the lag.








My last skillcape before quest cape :aware:


And the emote is really hard to screenshot.




Immediately after, I managed to track Max down and buy this hot stuff.




And as a final tribute to my last 99, here is the max cape's emote, screened at the moment featuring Divination.




And as a tribute to my first 99, this is a combination of max cape emotes with me burning down my creation.






This is my current working colour scheme. I have since edited the shades slightly to make the contrast more visible in-game.




I'd like to thank EVERYONE for making this journey so immensely fun and crazy, and I'd like to say congratulations once again to Martin and Iayo for maxing before me (sorry I couldn't max with either of you, and sorry I couldn't do it sooner).


Good luck to Army and Supersal next! And whoever else who wishes to join the max club :)


Comp is not entirely a goal of mine; I prioritised 120s over quest/comp capes. But it's something I'm thinking about :)


Until next time!


- Angel Hayley


Edit: Missed this...



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Are you joking? Thanks a lot for the warning >_>

Congrats on Max though. Have fun with Ranged and Magic and Firemaking. You now have no exchse now not to boss your heart out :P and thanks for the luck, I guess i'm now allowed to keep going and not stahp stahp STAHP? :D

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