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Combat Clan Cup [EoC/Legacy]

King Mic

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Rather than continue bumping a topic that is buried under countless of other RuneScape Updates & News topics I'm just going to create one here in the clan section for us to discuss the Clan Cup.


Week 4


EoC Combat Cup


Titans Revolution vs Chosen Elite


Realm of Gods vs Decimus

Apocalypse Slayers vs Divine Resilience

Wicked Fury vs 72

Potato Legacy vs Zer0 Pvm

Mother Duckers vs Dragonfury

Clan Europe vs DISPUTED (Legend Crashers vs Grace of Darkness)


Legacy Combat Cup Quarter Final


DISPUTED RESULT (Night Killers vs Legend Crashers) vs Titans Revolution

Clan Europe vs New Power

DISPUTED (Maxed 4Ever vs Zer0 Pvm) vs Wicked Fury

DISPUTED (Wilderness Guardians vs TLS) vs Echo Of Silence


Mini Combat Cup - 100+ SEMI FINAL


Wicked Fury vs Clan Europe

New Power vs Zer0 Pvm


Mini Combat Cup - Community FINAL


Asgaard vs Titans Revolution


Mini Combat Cup - 20vs20 Matched P2P SEMI FINAL


Zer0 Pvm vs Rift

Wicked Fury vs Phoenix Rising


Mini Combat Cup - 20vs20 Matched F2P SEMI FINAL


Zer0 Pvm vs Wicked Fury

Titans Revolution vs Clan Europe


Mini Combat Cup - Iron Only Quarter Final


DISPUTED (Thunders Wrath vs Libra) vs Wicked Fury

Potato Legacy vs Legend Crashers

Oversoulz vs 72

Zer0 Pvm vsSpirits of Arianwyn

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I have no idea really, there's a RSOF topic dedicated to disputes resolution but all posts get hidden and J Mods contact clans leaders directly I believe. I guess J Mods act as judges and decide who wins, I suspect in most cases they just force the clans involved to have a rematch if they feel it's necessary. I hope we face WG, beating them will be a lot more fun lol.


And just Legacy for now, there's a few who play the EoC version like myself but most have no patience for it and prefer Legacy.


Speaking of disputes Downfall made an appeal after getting wrecked by New Power. I have no idea how we got this information but this is what was posted in our forums:


"We feel the fight was altered by a 3rd party and that it takes away from the original jagex rules that fights should be a 1v1, even with New powers numbers on us we held a kill for kill ratio intill Echo of Silence started ddosing our teamspeak and members. We ask that EOS be taken out of the jagex cup and the result vs new power either allow us to be declared winners or a rematch."


Jagex obviously ignored them.


They also posted a topic with "leaks" from EoS forums which were meant to be used as proof of us DDOSing them:





Fake of course:

I was gonna show mercy since you had a bad day but let's take a look at your sad leak.


[image here]


Pretty poor effort. Firstly that topic code links to a topic in our public boards titled oli killsu edates fitchfalcon.


Secondly, the idiot meant to write in regards to downfall clan... As evidenced by the cla at the end of the tab title...but forgot to write it in the title of the topic as it only says "in regards to downfall" what should of actually appeared after was a - at the end of the tab, followed by echo of silence.


Get somebody smarter to do that next time.



Edit: I see you've deleted your fail topic and itzkong has been banished from the topic. Good fight.


Lol Downfall... if what they want is to never have a clean Wilderness fight ever again I believe they're on the right path. EoS is going to turn them into a CWA team.

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Legacy Combat Cup


Legend Crashers vs Titans Revolution

Clan Europe vs New Power

Maxed 4Ever vs Wicked Fury


Echo of Silence have a bye in this round.


Both Wilderness Guardians and TLS forfeited because they didn't want to fight us. Some WG member even asked in the official topic for Jagex to just give EoS the win because they would not be able to pull enough to compete. >.<


Oh and New Power beat Clan Europe lol. CE only pulled 23 people to the fight and NP had 42 (but only 39 fought for some reason).

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Lol that's pretty funny, we know that feel haha. :P

In our J Cup fight vs pinoykantao everyone was super stressed and posting topics about how we had to pull at least 50 people or we would be screwed because they were definitely going to pull 50-80 people minimun etc. In the end we got the times wrong which effected our pull greatly (we managed to get only 25 online in time for the fight) but we still outpulled them and didn't lose anyone lmao.


I'm kinda worried we'll lose the next fight or the final because nobody is taking the J Cup as seriously as we should. We all want to win it but EoS is used to compete in the top 5 and all of the other clans in the cup would not be able to last 5 minutes fighting EoS in the good old days of pre-EoC. So everyone is all like "meh they can do it without me, no need to make an effort to attend" etc, I fear we'll eventually have a crap pull because of that mentality and it will probably will cost us a fight and a cup that in theory we are obligated to win with ease.



Week 5


EoC Combat Cup Quarter Final


Titans Revolution vs red armies

Divine Resilience vs Wicked Fury

Mother Duckers vs Grace of Darkness

DISPUTED (Realm of Gods vs Decimus) vs DISPUTED (Potato Legacy vs Zer0 Pvm)


Legacy Combat Cup Semi Final


Titans Revolution vs New Power

Wicked Fury vs Echo of Silence


Mini Combat Cup - 100+ Final


Clan Europe vs New Power


Mini Combat Cup - 20vs20 Matched P2P FINAL


DISPUTED (Zer0 Pvm vs Rift) vs Wicked Fury


Mini Combat Cup - 20vs20 Matched F2P FINAL


Wicked Fury vs Clan Europe


Mini Combat Cup - Iron Only Semi Final


Wicked Fury vs 72

Awaiting Result (Zer0 Pvm vs Spirits of Arianwyn) vs DISPUTED (Potato Legacy vs Legend Crashers)


Zer0 Pvm is in like 3 disputed fights, do they cry everytime they lose and accuse their opponents of cheating or something? Seems like they are not interested in winning any of the cups doing actual fighting.


Next year we should enter at least the 20vs20 matched P2P and F2P categories, would probably be hard to get 20 Sal's warriors to show up but we could try. :P

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Not really J Cup related but cba to make a new topic just for this.

Violent Resolution closed.


:xd: The tribute video made by RoT made me laugh:



Edit: False alarm, VR is still alive. Good troll by RoT lol.

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Jagex just did it again.

They made it so that the Full Out categories finals have to be 5v5(!!!). This has to be the most incredibly stupid thing they've done the whole year.

Obviously EoS refuses to do it lmao.

The official EoS complaint RSOF topic - http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/c=ryvPOri9OEM/forums.ws?382,383,283,65490992,goto,1

Idiots from Downfall are obviously siding with the rules change just to be against EoS, had they not been eliminated they'd be campaigning against it too. :rolleyes:


The best post in the topic was posted by Mar and it got hidden/deleted I believe by either forum mods or Jagex mods:


"As founder of EOS and inventor of the all tactics used in the modern clan worlds of both 07 and legacy, the following things will happen


EOS and New Power will both reach the finals

You will pay alot of money getting 10 of us out there, New power are brazilian by the way

We will line up 5 v 5

We will sit there and not fight each other

We will leave Jagex Studio

We will meet up with the rest of the GMT eos that wanna go along

We will just go out an take aload of the drugs that durateen smuggled into the country up his bum an go party with all the money we stole while in jagex hq


gl hf


And all this will happen while Downfall remain in their parent's basement, NOT playing runescape because they have cancelled all events until further notice, kek"



Edited by Micael Fatia
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It's pretty sad Jagex has no idea what they're doing.


But EOS did not invent all tactics used in the modern clan world, give me a frigging break. That statement maddened me more than the 5v5 (which is more hilarious).


Even if he is sarcastic there's going to be people that sadly believe him.

Edited by Sobend
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lol this is one of the worst ideas Jagex has implemented, that is saying something. Have the full-out winner decided by a 5v5? Wow I know why you guys like Legacy but at least on 07 you have mods with a shred of clanning sense (not too much though). Honestly I would rather forfeit than fight this, take a stand for principle (and brains).


But yeah EoS didn't invent all (or any) 07/pre-eoc strategies sorry mr. founder.

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Oh come on guys, it's pretty obvious he's trolling. :P

He even specifically mentions he himself (not the clan) invented all of the old school and Legacy tactics them when he doesn't even play Legacy actively (he's retired).

It's like when a clan closes and VR claims they killed them even if they have never even fought said clan.

But EoS was the first clan who made couple tactics popular, no idea if its Mar himself who is credited with creating them though.

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So yeah for those who still haven't heard it: EoS got disqualified from the Jagex Cup.

The reason we were given was "account sharing". New Power is a team with lots of EoS members in it, but due to the rules of the Cup they can't fight by both EoS and New Power. Anyone who has clanning experience knows how clans/teams work; and so that they could fight for us they were given alt accounts of other retired EoS members to fight. That number didn't even amount to 2-3 extra members total in any of our wars, wars that we completely dominated from the start to the beginning. I think in all the rounds so far we lost maybe 4-5 people total if that many. But Jagex seems to think this had a big effect in our performance (Jagex v experienced pvpers & clanners :rolleyes:) and as such rather than just kick out the very few offending members from the cup they decided to disqualify us. (This "rule" must have been broken by literally every single non-rsb based clan. Highly doubt there's any cup winners - including this years 07RS cups winners - who haven't done the same but on a much bigger scale)

All of this because a Downfall member butthurt they got kicked out of the cup by the clan they call "EoS Jr" sent Jagex a list of "shared" EoS accounts, half of the names in the list never having been using by anyone but the original owner. So we got like 7-8 accounts total locked (most of which have been unlocked by now because they were/are not shared accounts) thanks to DF.


Basically Jagex doesn't like when clans/groups of people stand up to them. We here wrote a manifesto on the SoF, and then had that situation with the Jagex community manager demaning us to remove sections of the forums because he could not be arsed to read the actual topic he felt was offensive. I'm sure Jagex did not appreciate any of that and we all know it ended with us getting demoted from Platinum to Gold. The timing is just too suspicious.


EoS has had problems with Jagex's staff a few times in the past which included some insults from EoS part, and the more recent complaint about the 5v5 final that nobody wants. We even went as far as threatening to allow Jagex to pay for the trips to England and then have our members boycott the event when they get to London. Again something I'm surely jagex did not appreciate, and it's the only thing that explains why we got disqualified and New Power didn't.


It's a shame really, Jagex has gone to hell. I'm never been an anti-Jagex preacher even when they released SoF and all of that, I've always been the sort of "well I don't really like it but I'm sure they had their reasons", but the events of the last couple months concerning the J Cup and the treatment they give the PvP and Clanning community adding to the whole Mod Infinity Fiasco etc made me change my mind. I'm extremely disappointed with Jagex.


As for Downfall - hahahahaha oh boy you don't know have you've just done.

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Too many times Jagex gets over their heads on what they know how to handle. Anyone with a modicum of clanning experience knows not to do silly things Jagex has done with this clan cup. It's also ridiculous that they just listened to a petty member of a rival clan instead of letting EOS speak up and defend itself.


I agree the Jmods just cower in fear when someone stands up to them - but the fact is that nearly all power figures are like this. You resist them, they quell you, and there's nothing you can do about it. It's not totally surprising this is happening. In fact, I wish I learned it from Runescape before I learned it from real life. I'm sure EOS is aware of this, but it's a shame the fun loving Jagex moderators couldn't be an exception.

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Not sure I'm allowed to do this so delete this post if I'm not.


Link to an interesting topic in EoS' forums - Click Me

NSFW language warning lol, one or two actual interesting replies in the topic that show the horrible job jJgex is doing with the J Cup (and no not referring to mine lol, others said pretty much the same as me before I posted just in less words).

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