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A long journey finally at an end: 99 farming!


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Wow that's amazing, I'm only like 64 Farm on RS3 and I started playing before Farm was released. :xd:


Congratulations Dreak!


Ye, spent some time on that one, but watermelons are just :wub:


I am so proud of you Dreak

99 famr in osrs is awesome! i am impressed


Thanks :)


Farmer Fred is proud of you Dreakie.


So was Martin! :P


Nice!! Good work, that's a pro effort right there.


Thanks :)


Wow congrats! Talk about a feat, getting 99 farming in RS3 was annoying enough i could only imagine in OSRS :P


getting the seeds and selling the pots was annoying sometimes, but other than that i really enjoyed the skill :)

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