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Josh Groban the greatest?

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Flat out, I'll say it: Josh Groban is the best singer I have ever heard in terms of voice quality. Not only is his range incredible, but the way he can travel through his range with such grace and speed is flawless. For those who don't know him but may recognize the name:


Josh Groban has sold over 25 million records worldwide since becoming "active" as a singer at age 16 in 1997, though he really started gaining recognition at age 19. His first four albums went multi-platinum, and in 2007 he was the number one best selling artist in America (21 million records). Yes, I took all that directly from wikipedia.


Some of his hits:

1. You Raise Me Up

2. February Song

3. You are Loved

4. Awake

5. I believe (a remake of the Stevie Wonder classic)


There are countless others but these 5 really showcase the power in his voice, and the angelic touch he has that no other singer had, or has.


Despite all this, I find people becoming confused when I tell them I listen to Josh Groban. Sure, his songs aren't played much on the radio, and recently he hasn't released any new albums (2013), but he obviously isn't unpopular. So, I am coming to the lovely community of sals to ask you: Do you know this man? If so, what is your opinion on his voice? Is it one of a kind, something we as a race will never experience again? Or is he just in with all the other great voices, and despite his impressive record sales, he's an average artist. If you don't know him, why haven't you clicked any of the links I provided yet?


So really, what do you all think of him?






(the last 2 are lyric videos so you can sing along)

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I have heard of Josh Groban and I don't listen to him because his voice annoys me honestly. I will say though that he is a far better singer than your averge pop star, which isn't saying much but he's still a good singer. For some reason I don't like a lot of the singers I classify as good in today's pop, such as Adele who also annoys me.


To me, the best singers are the opera singers. And I don't listen to opera, but if we're talking about the best singers of all time in all genres it's pretty foolish (and slightly laughable) to not even think about opera singers. They move their voices in ways other singers simply can't do. After that, for me the next best singers are going to be people the jazz/traditional pop singers, like Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby, or Frank Sinatra. Then it's everybody else.


So no, I would not consider Josh Groban the greatest singer ever, and probably not near the top considering there are thousands of jazz/opera singers. Even in pop/rock in my eyes I would still consider a few singers better, such as Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley (check out his gospel stuff).

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He seems pretty good, I'm hesitant to call anyone the best singer ever because people have been singing for hundreds of years though. It's apples and oranges anyways. His style obviously differs a lot from Frank Sinatra or Katy Perry (she is probably not in the running).

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