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What were you doing 10 years ago?


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10 years ago... let me think...

End of the 8th grade and start of the 9th I believe. 8th grade was the year I had the best grades and the second I enjoyed the most of my school days. Never been an amazing student, I was just ok/good, but I did really great that year. New class and didn't know 2/3 of the people in it + got separated from my best friends, I guess it made me focus more during classes rather than spend the whole time talking and joking. Did particularly good in History that year, six tests got five 100%s and one 97%. Everything else I was "good" only - 70-85%ish (and one or two average 50-60%s). First and only year I managed to do decent in Maths too.

I was pretty much obsessed with football at the time, more than I am nowadays I mean, would spend the whole time playing football with friends and forming 2v2 and 3v3 leagues to entertain ourselves or playing FIFA 2004 (still my favourite FIFA ever thanks to the all the time I spent playing with friends; the theme song is one of my favourite songs to date because of it too: Red Morning Light - King's of Leon) or Magic the Gathering. Also Portugal lost the Euro 2004 that year which was mega depressing. :(

9th grade was my favourite year ever, almost entirely new class again (I got "promoted" because of how well I did the previous year or at least that's what I was told since my 8th grade class was of the troublemaking sort. Not that I had a problem with it, they were all great people with whom I still get along with pretty well to this day) met lots of cool new people and was reunited with my best friend and another three childhood friends. This year was the exact opposite of the previous, being with my best friend and other close friends made it impossible for me to focus during the classes. Plus there was this extremely attractive girl that wouldn't leave me in peace and we got along really well as well as with some other two or three who were extremely attractive too. Won a silver basketball medal that year of our municipality which included quite a lot of teams. I was awful at it but everybody in the team liked me and insisted that I should go with them, they wouldn't stop bothering me about it. Ended up convincing me when I learned I'd be able to skip school entire days during the duration of the competition lol.

Started playing RuneScape in early 2005 if I'm not mistaken, January or February. Maybe even earlier in November or December of 2004, can't remember very well.


Yay for the essay with too many unecessary details.


Edit by double post: Almost forgot lmfao, wrestling!!! 2004-2005 were the years of wrestling in Portugal when they finally started airing RAW and Smackdown and almost every kid our age loved it lol. RKO Generation!!

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Hmmm... I was 9, so what's that, grade 4 I think? I had just moved from the city to a small farmers town. A few months into school, I think I was probably starting to talk to people around me at this point. I know I wasn't playing RuneScape yet, since that wasn't until the sixth grade. I remember going on AlbinoBlackSheep a lot, which is a flash animation site that was pretty much Youtube before Youtube. Uhhhhm, yeah, that's all I got.

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Some of you may know this already but I've been a player far pass than 10 years. I would even go as far as to say I was close to one of the original players as I played even back when there was just RS1(classic). I was even fortunate enough to have a party hat at that time.


I did a quick news article look up from 2004 to look at the updates. Horror from the Deep was released on November 17, 2014. There is a VERY good chance I was probably doing that quest the day of release.I can't remember many specifics about itself besides I remember not being good at swapping depending on the type of color :D

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I would be half way through my first year of university! :o

Wow, you're incredibly old!

Men have a habit of thinking something is longer than it is...


Time included.

Sounds exactly like something an old crotchety lady would say.

Lets not bring my crotch into this.
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