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Brawling gloves

Angel Hayley

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I have horrible luck with Brawlers. They've been out for a while first as PK drops, then Rev drops and finally as "normal" monster drops and I've only ever got a pair and in one of the few skills I am 99 in (Woodcutting...). >.<


But yeah makes sense your suggestion, I think 10M is way too much though. Maybe something like 1-2M would be better, but then again it could be a problem since it would directly add more cash to the game.

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If they should be cash-outable (new word!) it should only be 100k or something. I really like brawling gloves because they bring activity to the Wilderness, if you make the cash-out so high that it's better to cash them out to skill with them they don't serve that purpose.

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