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Final Boss Title along with pets!

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I've decided to make this to track my kills, and drops! I'm going to do 100 Kills of each boss from where they are now, along with hunting for boss pets!

Goals: 7261 total boss kills, and 100 of each boss kill (adding hardmode and reg. mode together (ex. Giant mole 6+16=22 total kills)

Edit: as a challenge, (I want to say from clue) I will do all bosses except for ROTS Vorago, KK, and maybe nex solo. This is to see how long, and the potential profit from doing it from scratch.


Read all these as 0 for the moment, and i will state when 100 kills of each boss is obtained.


If you have any challenges, that are within reason that you want me to do, feel free to post below :) will try to get at least a screenshot of the attempt.



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