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Dei Wei

Skill Competition 83 - Hunter

Skill Comp 82  

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Sal's Skill Competition 83

February 13 6:40 PM - February 15 6:40 PM GMT (UK Time)





Keep an eye out on how you're doing!


When: February 13 - February 15 (48 hours)

Skill: Hunter

Prize: Underbanners made by Army for the winners and participants who meet the participation exp requirement

Participation requirement: 200k Hunter


General Rules

  1. If possible, try not to use effigies, xp lamps, or Warbands or get xp in any way besides training the skill itself. It ruins the fun if somebody has been saving up their lamps. Other minigames are allowed such as Runespan for Runecrafting. You should get the idea of what and what isn't "training" the skill
  2. Please log out before and after the event. This way we can track the xp fairly so that it's up to date. We will be using the runestat website listed above and I will personally have a spreadsheet just to make sure things match up.
  3. Please participate! You don't have to be a winner to get something! Participation requirements are generally very doable during the time limit and only require a decent amount of time on your part!
  4. HAVE FUN! This if for you guys to have a little bit of friendly competition. :P I don't want you guys no-lifing 48 hours straight. I let you guys choose the skills for the competitions so you guys can do what you want to do.

Edited by Dei Wei

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Sign me up if Ranged wins, probably won't be playing much this weekend anyways.

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At the time I am posting this (18:09) I have currently 200,557 Hunt exp as you can see here: http://imgur.com/32jaKE4

I actually have like maybe 2-3K more than that but I only created that counter to keep track of my comp Hunt exp about 5-10 mins after I started training.


The tracker says I only have 139K exp even though I've already updated it thrice.

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Well done to A Smileyface for winning and to everyone else who competed.




Adjusted Exp:


Dei Wei: 208880

Micael Fatia: 200557

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Congrats Smiley and Dei, well done guys. Shoutout to Smiley for teaching me to properly hunt during the competition lol. :P

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