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{OSRS} The Asgarni Tribe P.O.C


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The Asgarni Tribe P.O.C

Introduction : Part 1/2



Queen: 'Bandits, Thieves, Outlaws, Rebels... What else is it they call us?'

Asgarni: 'Barbarians'.

Queen: 'Ah, yes, of course.. That's one of my favourite ones'.

Asgarni: 'Are them labels so far removed from the truth'?

Queen: ..'No, not really. But there are others I much prefer. Family, Unity, Brotherhood, Clan'.

Asgarni: 'Savages, Wolves, Crazies'.

Queen: 'Of course, of course! But, no, we have it all. The freedom and community is not enough, though. We need shelter. Tents wont suffice forever. The weather can finish us off where enemies cannot'.

Asgarni: 'We could also all do with an extra 200M GP each, but that seems unlikely to happen'.

Queen: 'One day we'll seize a land. A city, or a village. A place to plant our flag and call our home.

Asgarni: 'And in the meantime, we maintain our alliance with the rain, the cold and the wilderness of Asgarnia?'

Queen: *The Queen thought quietly for a moment, before turning to smile, and gave a single nod*. 'Yes.'




Former citizens, exiled soldiers, escaped prisoners and fallen bandits have rounded together outside the city walls of Asgarnia's provinces, united under a singular cause; to live free, and by their own rules. Following and commanded by their Queen, these tribesfolk, collectively known as the Asgarni, make home out of what is left to them. Without the assistance of the deities of Gielinor, the Asgarni rely on their Queen's word and movements, the protection and bond with their fellow tribesmen and tribeswomen, and the kindness of nature to keep them alive.


Soon to become a realm of tranquility, these are the early days of this clan. The future is both promising and obscured.


The Asgarni have awakened.













The Asgarni Tribe

Introduction : Part 2/2


Hello and welcome to the thread of the Asgarni Tribe!

I see you decided to continue reading after the formal, in-character part of our thread. Which means that our theme is somewhat interesting to you?! Woot!


Well, we are a new played owned city, founded by Loving Hands on the 13th Feb. If you are not sure what a player owned city (POC) is, then it is a clan that has a theme and display of a more story based and slightly roleplay-type of clan! Aside from the roleplay theme, though, we offer a close-knit community, plenty of a variety of minigames, fun conversations and of course strong friendships to come!


I have an idea of what I want the Asgarni to be. A very close family-type network of friends, plenty of minigames, events, roleplay and fun! To do that, we will need more people to pick up a spear in the name of this tribe.


Coming from Lovely Hands, If you think you would like to join our virtual home and become a member of the Asgarni tribe take a look at our fourm, Pm “Rainbowbobby” or join our CC “Loving Hands”




QFC: 320-321-768-65570874

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