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A big thanks to everyone who attended! Wasn't expecting a lot of people to show up because of bxp, so it was an awesome surprise. :wub:

Now I'm not sure what to do, maxing was never a goal of mine but I'm not that terribly far and I just can't handle Paul being better than me so I guess I'll be forced to continue training. :P










And this one is a bonus for Paul:



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Thanks all!


Well this is unfortunate... Congrats though :ice: !



Unfortunately I failed by two (well, three) levels and 57k exp. :(




Ah well, I did my best. Feeling tired and a little frustrated because got so close, but our little competition motivated me to get about 3x times more levels than I had planned to get, including some cool ones like this:




So thanks, it was fun. :P

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