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Hello, people of Sal's Realm :)


I am just finishing up an Ironman series on YouTube, where I was working towards soloing every boss from scratch! ( Playlist:



With finishing up with this one, I wanted my next series to be bigger and better!


What are your opinions on getting 99 summoning as my first 99? The series will consist of a lot of different money making methods, as well as bossing, slayer and grinding :)


Think this would be possible? As well, does it sound like something you'd like to watch?


I'd like to hear your opinions and hope you will tune in :)





An episode from my current series :)


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Looks pretty interesting, is the ironman account normal ironman or hardcore? Still impressive if it's normal, but hardcore would make it pretty outstanding.


99 Sum as a first 99 would be cool, probably a lot of work though. I think it'd be possible, as for if people would like to watch it it depends entirely on the type of person and of course on what you do in the videos.


Watching it atm. :)


I posted the video in your link here, hope you don't mind.


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Ahh thanks, I was unsure how to do that :)


I try to only include the interesting things :) i.e - Treasure trail loot, rare drops, skill updates, quests, loot from x things, slay logs etc. :D


I'm still improving on voice, tone and such, but I will master it eventually :)


Thanks :)

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