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Army of One

Army of One - Completionist Cape, Vorago slaying

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The Vorago thing didn't go well. Two things went wrong Somebody was streaming it (?) and people tried to join the group (which was closed to anyone outside of this website). Also, some of you guys acted disrespectfully to the people trying to help you out and join the group. There was confusion and in the end they were trying to help you out. No need to be so rude about it. Also, I disliked the kick from clan chat threats considering that the clan chat is open to all people and is not a Vorago fc.

I assure you that these outsiders were not coming with the intent of helping, based on their attitudes. Vorago is extremely different from older bosses like Bandos from which I think you may be basing your judgment - that is, there are a multitude of ways for a single unpleasant person to crash the entire team, ranging from loot stealing, to propagating chaos, to outright PKing (yes you can PK people at vorago). Many people enjoy trolling in these ways, and a clan event with inexperienced pvmers is the ideal target.


Now even in the unlikely case that the outsiders came with naught but good intentions, Army has made it very clear that this is a clan event, and for very good reasons. The point of the event is not to make money from kills. Rather, it is to work together with clanmates to face one of the most difficult challenges in runescape, for a feeling of achievement that cannot be attained from going with a group of strangers, however skilled they may be.


I do not blame xt die for not understanding this, considering his age. However, his outright defiance of Army's rules and name-calling behind our backs is inexcusable. If such actions do not deserve a kick, I don't know what does. Just because the clan chat is open to anyone does not mean that the clan chat has no rules.

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I'm in for rago as always, and I think I've become dedicated Bomb tank, which is no issue for me. I would also prefer if we limited our clan kills to at least clan members with appropriate gear, ts/skype and can listen... Just so our kills have a higher chance of success.

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