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To start off, I hit the biggest achievement of them all just yesterday: 99 Runecrafting. In total I made about 340m or so from 91-99 RC. I never did get the pictures because I was an idiot however I had 51k Dragon Bones bought, and 8k mahogany planks as well. I also had all my 99 farming supplies at the beginning of slayer and then you add in the 50m cash and 110m in nats I sold directly after...it adds up to about that number.


This is my biggest sale in which I started to use money to buy 99 prayer supplies.






Not to mention, my 4th of July Rc outfit ehhhh... and admirer in one pic






EDIT: I forgot to put the most important part....my record with RC pkers..


Win-Loss -- (win for me is an escape; loss is dying)




I was 6-2 when I last died at level 94, I was on a 16 win streak for 94-99.


I had the supplies banked to make super strength potions to 66 herblore and then green dhide bodies for 66 crafting. I got these first thing after 99 Runecrafting that night and I got 66 herb for elite clue scrolls which I'm considering doing and 66 craft as part of 75 crafting for slayer rings. I haven't finished that goal yet but I will sooner or later.






I needed 75 construction for my altar so here that is. I was kinda rusty getting into con for the first time on 07 though I think I got the hang of it.




I jumped straight into prayer today and got 60-87 prayer all today.Also 1900 total level as well. I also got a real nice 6hour prayer log that puts me in rank 8 which is nice because I started this at level 73 and didn't expect I'd finish that high. I was hoping I'd maintain 500k flat and hit the 3m barrier. Oh well, still pretty cool.


What with con and pray, I raised my rank from 6100 last night to 4100 tonight. Not bad at all, it's fun to make jumps like that you know.








I've maintained daily farm runs though I did stop doing 2 a day for a bit. It is a pain now that I'm switched to regular magics for prayer though.




These are some of the supplies I bought with my cash, I'm still working on those 600k cannonballs though but this is a decent portion of 99 slayer banked.




I was going to get fighter torso and fire cape. I'm holding on the fire cape for a bit, not going to decide exactly whether or not I'll be getting depending on my lag issues. Fighter torso turns out to not be efficient for using piety every task. It turns out I can use piety every task and then use proselyte top + verac skirt for max prayer bonus. Not to mention the trimmed skillcape will help that bonus.


I am doing NMZ Dharoks for a bit to supplement the extra combat exp I will need + the AFK training methods I'd like to make use of.




Something still on my wishlist right now is Saradomin Godsword for use in healing. Now that I think of it I need a toxic blowpipe as well for those few tasks where its useful.

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Holy moly Jj you're doing incredible on oldschool. A huge congrats to you on 99 Runecraft, doing it the traditional way is something I could barely comprehend. Good luck on the next 99's, I'm sure you'll get them very quickly.

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This is epic.


I wish there was a skill that is slow but makes you 340m worth on RS3 when you get to 99.

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I grinded slayer mostly since last update as well as finishing off 99 pray. I will start this off with the farming level I got last night.


98 farming, only one to go.




99 Prayer




I needed 75 crafting for slayer rings, which I got off of Air Battlestaves.




I've been cannoning every task and I'm getting good range xp. 75 range.




80 Defense




85 Strength




80 Attack




80 HP




78 Slayer




Rough outline for the start of my slayer loot in my journey to 99.






D legs drop; probably the last one because I have Iron Dragons on block.


Cockatrice head; again the last one.


I boosted slayer points and went form 40-100 tasks to gain points for Slay rings, Slay helm and enough to block spiritual warriors, iron dragons and gargoyles. I have no idea what will remain on block come higher levels as I get nechs, spiritual mages, and krakens. Whatever though.


I managed to get 1m slayer xp on my first week of slayer which is pretty surprising to me. Hopefully I can extrapolate this to more exp.


I also finished Knight Training Waves and unlocked Piety





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Wow congrats on all the levels! 99 Prayer is a good one! Seeing this log makes me want to get into Old school!! :/

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Woooow, what an amazing log and skills! Runecrafting is one of the few skills I have it hard with :(


Best of luck with slayer! :yes:



Seeing this log makes me want to get into Old school!! :/


just do it! :P

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99 Farming:



Almost forgot to add this when I was writing this up. But ya, 99 farming, pretty sweet. Cost me 40-45m, meh


92 Slayer



I grinded a lot of slayer since last update. I put in a 70 hour week at the end of my summer classes (I know right, nice like kid) This the most important update for this log right now. I have a pic of 92 slay but I was having a personal conversation that took over the chat box message of 92 slayer so it's impossible to show a picture for it. Just imagine me getting 92 slayer in that picture above. Lol.


The rest are the levels I was doing in the mean tie to get 92 slayer since last update.


91 Hp



93 Str and 2075 Total



91 Ranged



90 Defence



90 Attack



95 Fletching



96 Magic



At 87 Slayer I decided to work my way toward getting the requirements for Lumbridge Elite Diary so I could unlock the 5th block spot in which I used on Krakens.


These are the levels I got in preparation for that.


81 Thieving



65 FM



86 Smithing



Unlocking Bones to Peaches:



Lumbridge Easy Complete:


Lumbridge Med Complete (No Pic lel)


Lumbridge Hard Complete


Lumbridge Elite Complete Part 1


Lumbridge Elite Complete Part 2








Hard Clue #1 (and last for duration of 99 Slay)



6 Rune Full Helms in one task at Greaters



-Rare to get that many, usually only like 1 or 2.


Lesser Demon Champ Scroll



D Chain #1:



I heard someone in clan say that I'm the 6th person to get D Chain in Old School from a Dust Devil. I can't confirm this statistic but a J Mod could perhaps if they have some analysis on data from PvM drops.


Shield Left Half #1


Shield Left Half #2



- Rare drop to get two during 99 slayer


Whip #1

Whip #2

Whip #3

Whip #4

Whip #5

Whip #6


-I also really don't want to hear about how lucky I am...I was at 4 Whips in 3600 kills...that's ridiculous. Jagex still owes me like 2-3. Having good RNG with Shield left halves and D chains isn't helpful as having good luck with whips...

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You've been busy! Congrats on 99 farming, the other levels and all the whips.

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Your rank has been steadily rising.

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97 Slayer



98 Fletching (probably my next 99)



98 Mage



96 Hitpoints



95 Attack



95 Defence



97 Strength



96 Range



Full Void achieved:



Western Province Diary




First Zulrah kill



I didn't think I'd get that Zulrah kill. I died at least 20+ times.


Forgot to take a picture of 1k chompy kills, but that completed as well. Will definitely take a pic of 4k kills. I did Western Province Diary Medium for the 50% chance of an extra spawn at chompy. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing this if you ever plan on killing a significant amount of chompies after your 125th kill.




Western Province Elite





Whip #7

Whip #8

Whip #9

Whip #10

Whip #11

Whip #12

Whip #13

Whip #14 (ft. glitched screen)

Whip #15

Whip #16

Whip #17 (6 whips in one day)

Whip #18 (@Sobend look at this one)

Whip #19 (ft. the luck of CJH)

Whip #20

Whip #21

Whip #22

Whip #23

Whip #24

Whip #25

Whip #26

Whip #27

Whip #28




Abby Head #1 (1 in 6k drop rate)



Abby Head #2



Shield Left Half #3



Randomly checking my Abby Demon count at exactly 9001 kills


Occult Necklace #1

Occult Necklace #2

Occult Necklace #3

Occult Necklace #4 (I guess I forgot to snap pic??)

Occult Necklace #5 (same)


Attending my first ever max party on oldschool, had to tell my boy CJH!

Oie Yaaaaaa

Dreamzcape maxing with 99 cooking


Dark Bow #1



Didn't kill my first Dark Beast until level 96 slayer. Nieve only got added to the slayer table for Nieve last Thursday.


I got 620k (640k later) in one 19 hour sitting. Don't take my rates too seriously though. I was literally playing another game with sobend for part of the first 6 hours. I was later able to max out at a 710k day so not bad. I wasn't really doing a "serious" 30hour. Featuring Sobend using naughty language.



Edited by Jj Dynomite

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I still don't understand why you were typing that to me lol

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I still don't understand why you were typing that to me lol


I just get bored at Abby Demons and feel the need to serenade my friends.


Here, maybe this will be more appropriate.


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Progress report plz.


You sound like my parents.


In the last update I was working on 99 slayer. I really can't be bothered to post up every 99 and 99 slayer itself. Most of the drops have been posted in prior posts. This thread here: http://runescape.sal...layer/Â Â has every drop and summary of all materials used. I'm too apathetic to re-post pictures I already spent large amounts of time posting already.


I got 99 all combats, but that's expected when doing 99 slayer. I set the defence record for most xp gained in a day, which you can see here:




I also was 98 magic/fletching, working on both while doing slayer. Here's them:


99 Fletching:



99 Magic (2 hours before 99 slayer):



Now to get into my levels that I'm currently working on and one I've done most recently


95 Herblore (got about 60 seconds before me posting this lol + up to date stat pic)



94 Thieving



90 Smithing



92 Crafting



Right now its actually efficient for me to skillhop which is something I refrained from doing for most of my journey to max. But I'm playing market prices and what not. I also have a roundabout way of selling my crafting supplies to be efficient and cost effective.


Next 99? Who knows...lol


Something I forgot to mention, while getting 88 magic I did a superheating 6h record and I got this:




^This record can no longer be seen because I beat it with something else.

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That's me posting my max thread. It should be quite obvious to anyone reading or following my progress that I've headed toward max and thus hit that achievement. Not much to fill in.


150th to max tho so that's nice. : )


Right now I'm runecrafting hit 15m:




I find myself devoid of a goal...so I'm just rcing to fill in the time.


My one substantive goal is Achievement Diary Cape which I guess I made some progress here:


Fremmy Diaries:






I guess something cool that also happened was Carcass, 5.2b player on RS3 gratz'd me on his alt and I had no idea that was him or that he knew me. So I guess that's kinda cool?




Anywho. I guess a short update to simply fill in the space for next time.

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You've got more rc exp than I have and you're in 07. :o

We still have more total level on rs3 though mwuahahhaha.

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I did some Diaries


Varrock Diary






Falador Diary:






Completionist type content:


Master White Knight Rank Achieved: (this was part of Falador Elite Diary Req)



Full Angler outfit from Fishing Trawler:



17m Runecrafting



1st ever Elite clue


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Congratulations on Master White Knight rank.

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Alright, well, quicker update for this since I made some progress on diaries and I'm starting something new.


Let's see what I've completed in Diaries:




























Alright, this brings me to a brand new part of my log.


A PvM Journey!! (What does an Angel JJayley do in his spare max?)


-So, here's the meme..., I've never PvM'd before in my life. I have 1 boss kill on RS3 and that was from KBD way back in the day. The kills you see here are all the ones I have on Oldschool. These are also all for Diaries.


As is indicated below, I've not ever killed Jad. So doing so for diaries in a couple days will be my first time. The plan is to go well beyond what is needed for diaries.


Part of my plans on this game are to really experience what the game has to offer. Since Day 1 of this log I've had "Completionist" as one of my goals and in order to do that I'm going to need to PvM. I plan on working toward "completing" all bosses.


I will get a hot start with KQ grind for Diaries. I'm guessing I'll need ~128 kills for head since that is the drop rate, plus or minus my luck/unluck


I am making this post now before I get started with PvM, particularly the inevitable KQ grind.






Bosses to be killed in the coming week or so:

-128 KQ (for head, rough estimate only)

-1 Jad

-1 KBD

-1 Callisto

-1 Scorpia

-1 Chaos Ele

-1 Chaos Fanatic

-1 Scorpia

-1 Venenatis

-1 Vet'ion

-1 General Graar'dor

-1 K'ril Tsutsaroth

-1 Commander Zilyana

-1 Kree'arra

-1 Dagannoth Prime

-1 Dagannoth Supreme

-1 Dagannoth Rex


These are all mainly for Diaries, in fact all of them might be.


At any rate, this brings forth a new signature




Before anyone asks, YES, I'll still be skilling, This will be a side thing. I'll make my skilling signature in a bit to coincide with this.


2277 & Beyond will be the official title of my log from now on.

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