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Current requirement is: 30+ posts on forums.

Currenly tracking: 14 players.



This is simple sheet, which I've created to track progress of Sal's members playing Old School. To get added just post your OSRS name here and I will add you to the table. From there it will automatically update. If you change your display name, you will also need to re-post it here with your old and new name.

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OSRSN: Army of One

my Ironman: Iron of One (optional, if there's a limit of one per person just use the above username only)

Yea, I should've mentioned that before. I would like to keep 1 entry per member. So, if anyone plays on two or more accounts, choose whichever one you would like it to be on hiscore.

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Does OSRS have a high scores feature available for F2P? I might try to get into it if so.

Yes, F2P only players can also get on official hiscores.

Awesome, thanks. I might try it out again then. I stopped at like 30 across combat stats and then bought a santa hat and left :P

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I guess you can add me "Sobend" because I play OSRS from time to time. This summer I want to get a semi-decent account (level 60-70).

Maybe this gives you motivation in the future to participate for higher ranks. :)

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Alrightio, my name is Bandwagoners.

Current requirement is at least 30 posts, as said in the first post. This prevents new users just to apply and then leaving the forums, never to be seen again.

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