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Magic Training Guide

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Magic Training

By: Sobend

Special Thanks to:

Original Guide by: Deekay, Remidox


Level 1




At the beginning, it is best to use staves instead of wands and books/orbs. The reason for this is that wands use much more runes than staves at this stage and wands in the long run will be more expensive.


Start out with getting an air staff. Air staves can be bought from the Grand Exchange, Zaff in Varrock, or can be retrieved by killing low level shaman trolls around Burthorpe. You may also get a tower mindspike from completing the first part of the Rune Mysteries quest. Air staves will provide you with an unlimited supply of air runes.


Troll Invasion Dungeon


At level 1 the best way to train your magic stat quickly is by killing Troll Brutes in the Troll Invasion dungeon in Northwest Burthorpe. These trolls only have 50 lifepoints but give 30 experience in magic each kill. This means that you will be mostly getting 1 hit kills, speeding up your training. As you progress, you should consider attacking Troll Shamans in the dungeon for magic gear.


You should be able to get level 30 magic after only 35 minutes of troll killing.




A slower but still fast alternative to troll brutes are goblins in Lumbridge. These goblins have 100 lifepoints but give only 25 experience per kill. Still, they are in a high density location which should allow for quick leveling.


Level 30



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Great start so far. 10 out of 10 beginning.

Oh, actually I'm done. :cool:

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