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do you have a facebook wall we can plaster junk all over?

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There is a Facebook page and I currently run it :< I was made an admin by Sal himself but there isn't too much to post considering we have not had a guide announced in a while.

lol - I actually was being a bit rhetorical; I figured that it might be dormant. The main thing good about fb is that it looks like it'll forever be a step up above friggin' myspace. - but I (humorously) thought about submitting Sal's Realm here along side runescape.com, as a juxtaposition of the good internet and bad, to *

[url="http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/"]Vincent Sanders' Web Design Site[/url]

! Seriously though - I once submitted my old hometowns' (City of Thornton) website to him simply because it had this friggin photo on it's main page that was like 10 megabytes - you know, like it was fresh from a camera 4Kx3Kpx or something - damn thing crashed my browser lol - I'm tellin' ya! - but it's crazy if you think about it but maybe it takes a both a little gaming and webdesigning to understand that digital graphics do take up physical space (it their way) and we don't need all this flash crap - arghh!!! the new bain of the internet, huh? But this site is fast!

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My question was a bit rhetorical - I figured that if there was a page it would be dormant - facebook drives me crazy anymore and I'm sure I'm not alone there. I do appreciate the latitude that this forum has given me; the internet gets strange in a way because the difference between reality at what someone wants others to believe is reality is so easily compromised. Yet, not coincidentally, the information needed to discern the two is readily available (as it should be). There's actually another Sal's Pizza in the new part of our main metro city - not sure if it's the same owner. I wasn't trying to maledict this site with the photo or anything, but I did want to mention something about it, a 'cultural lesson' if you all will allow me (and yes, this is why my old friends hate me, because I am knowledgeable about this kind of thing but never went to college :) - but that building there, in reality, just needs razed as soon as possible. No business will ever thrive there again and those type of buildings are erected to serve a purpose but common sense will dictate that for health reasons they are temporary. (There's an apartment complex right behind there - my idea would be to raze the structure and tear up a good lot sized portion of the pavement and throw some grass seed in there and call it good for now. That would help the area seem less commercial turned industrialized.) thanks

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