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We in the dub$$$$

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Lava Runes can't melt Steel Bars!



471k lava runes crafted. 20m spent, oh well who cares, 91 RUNECRAFTING$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Did 3 and half hours of double nats already and I've made like 18k nats or so. This will be a joyous ride....


...as soon as the servers stop dc'ing.

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How fast xp exactly are Lava Runes? I'd never heard of this method before. But anyway congrats on unlocking bank, gl with the servers man.


It is the fastest RC method in the game.


Depends on what method you use to do them. Standard Lava's with Duel rings to the Duel Arena are 52k in normal worlds and 60k+ in PvP worlds. Using Lumberyard tele's you can get even faster xp, in PvP worlds you can get up to 75-80k even. Granted this latter method is very expensive, getting 99 would cost just as much as getting 99 Prayer almost.


Also got these pics too.




Rate my outfit for RC



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