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Silence Clan

[OSRS] Silence - F2P PvP Junior Clan (65-110 Combat Requirement)

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Silence Forums (shared with EoS) | #rseos on SwiftIRC | EoS Chat Clan Chat




Silence Requirements

65+ Combat





Silence is the recently formed junior clan to the Old School based F2P PvP clan Echo of Silence (EoS). EoS, originally founded as a Zeonic Force break off clan in 2004, has been competing at the top-tier since late 2007, and has consistently maintained itself as a Top 5 F2P clan ever since 2008. EoS is acclaimed for its unbounded attitude and overall spunk. Throughout EoS's history EoS have had many passionate, illustrious rivalries, some of which still persist to date. EoS pride themselves in being one of the most active and most innovative clans in the game.


Our events vary in times in order to accommodate everyone in the clan—from GMT to EST to PST. While we are not recruiting as a PvM or a Skilling clan, we also enjoy boss hunting together to acquire rune sets and supplies for fights, among other pastimes—both RuneScape related and not. We likewise pride ourselves in arguably having the most active TeamSpeak in the clan world.


Silence (est. April 2015), again, was founded on EoS's 2015 return to Old School RuneScape. As a member of Silence you will accordingly acquire access to our forums—where you can introduce yourself—and IRC (#rseos) and TeamSpeak, as well as being able to attend suitable events to yourself with the rest of the clan of which new friendships will be formed. The junior clan is dedicated to helping assimilate both new players joining the clan world and lower level players returning to Old School RuneScape and creating a smooth transition period between learning the and/or polishing up on the fundamentals of PvP/warring and ultimately becoming a member of a top-tier F2P PvP clan.



It is highly recommended that you get to know the clan before posting an Introduction to Silence.








Contact us on #rseos on SwiftIRC , EoS Chat clan chat in-game or by registering on


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Best of luck recruiting here bros. Sadly I don't even meet the jr clan reqs, but I'll be sure to (re)join when I do.

Very much appreciated! Hope to see an Introduction from you soon, also!

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Nice to see you here :) looking forward to seeing you progress :D

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I'm in the junior clan it isn't very active yet but you are always welcome to come to the EOS events they let people know about in Teamspeak. Great community!

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