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Repairing a corrupted mp4 file

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So the story is last night I was playing some GTA V with my friends and recorded some footage of it. Sadly I'm plagued by the memory leak issues that some GTA V players get (if you have a fix for that, that'd be great, but that's not the main problem here). My computer crashed and because I didn't end recording, the data corrupted.


I have a 39GB mp4 file that exists but if I try opening it with WMP, I get told that it cannot play the file due to the file type or codec being unsupported. If I try opening it with VLC, nothing happens. If I try fixing it with HandBrake, I get told to select a source file after I've already selected it. I tried downloading another program to repair it but I got told that there was no data when attempting to repair it. It's obviously there as I can see it and if I right click on it and select 'properties' I get told that it's a 39GB file.


If any of you guys could help, it would be much, much appreciated.

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unfortunately, I'm not sure if there is much you can do. What was the other program you tried to use? I would try either using Format Factory, and converting it, or if the video file once worked, but doesn't now, see if Recuva can fix it by trying to restore the folder the video is in. These are the only 2 ways I have had any success in repairing mp4 files.

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can you open it using VLC?


a trick for corrupted files is opening them in another program and saving them there if possible

(for example this often works with microsoft office files and open office)

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