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tea pls

New brand of tea available! (NOW WITH SPARKLES!)

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That is right! If you have not heard by now, i have achieved the rank of the completionist! After many hours of livid farming, skilling, questing, trekking, and everything in between, i now have a shiny new cape.... wow really... all that for a cape....


Nah it's a pretty cool cape. I encourage you to get one of your own :) Annoying parts can include: All of livid farm, some music tracks (dead minigames mostly) and the reaper title (if you are not a bosser).






Special thanks go out to anyone and everyone i chatted to, Fuzzy Fable from ES for Nex tanking and ROTS, Angel Hayley & co. for Vorago lessons, Supersal69 for morale support and to all of those who came to the cape! Thank you! :D


Special thanks to the sal's CC too, lots of helpful people :)







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Wow nice, I had no idea you were so close.

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i'm a cup of completion ! congrats :P :P :P :rofl: :ice: :ice: :ice::wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :heart: :heart: :love: :)

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