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And I'm back because this has some wrong things.

Not very much to change, but there's some stuff to fix regardless.

Turn auto-retaliate off and use the mithril bar on the mithril dragon

Due to an update, you now have to attack the mithril dragon to be able to use the bar. As I don't qualify for WGS, I don't know if this is also the case with the dragonkin key, but this should be changed to something more like "Attack a mithril dragon and use your mithril bar on it".

You will find yourself with a level 116 adamant dragon

No you won't, if your combat level is low enough; the dragon you find scales with your combat level and can be anything from steel to adamant. I don't know the exact levels that each one appears at though, but I got the steel dragon at level 111. It should still be weak to air spells regardless of which dragon it is.

walk west (DO NOT talk to Sakirth)

Should be changed to note that talking to Sakirth results in being damaged for a very large amount. I didn't go through any of his dialogue choices but I assume he says some interesting stuff.

The roof will also collapse and boulder will rain on you and Tarshak


That entire section seems to use "Tarshak" a bit too much, and I think several instances can just be replaced with "he" or "him", since there's nobody else in the area with you until you finish the fight.

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Posted this in the original topic, but it'll probably get overshadowed by this one so I'm reposting it here to make sure it gets noticed:



When you are done weakening the pillars, you'll have to destroy them by getting by Tarshak's fire bomb attacks while standing next to the pillar.

By getting hit, correct? Missing word in there.

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