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After 8 years, I'm finally getting my max cape!

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8 years, 150 days played, 380 million xp, the time has finally come for me to claim my prize, the max cape.


I will be acheiving this later on today at 8 30pm bst, thats 19:30 game time, im sure you can all convert to your own timezones, losing far too much hunt xp whilst I type this.

Current stats:



I am grateful to all who come along to celebrate with me, going to be at varrock east bank,going to be alching all my skillcapes i have collected thus far then to the museum to acheive max cape (how else am I going to afford it!)


My setup for max cape:

Setup_zps5b8pfx74.pngScreen%20Shot%202015-07-13%20at%2021.40.00_zps8wfr4zwg.png Good to see that broadcast :)

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