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The Light Within and Lore Introduction

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We now have a guide for the quest released yesterday, The Light Within. It should help you figure out that puzzle that everyone is stuck on!


We also have a guide that will introduce you to the basic terms, history, and characters in the game. Now there's no excuse to not know what's going on!!! Well, besides indifference.

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The Light Within:

Speak to Arianwyn to receive Baxtorian's Journal

Should clarify that you need to speak to him in the Tower of Voices.


Now head to the right room

A bit ambiguous to say 'right', should say 'eastern'.


Speak to Coedon the ent in the Crwys section of the city



elixir of restoration

Should be 'Elixir of Revealment'


The next mushroom can be found west of the mushroom patch in Tirannwn (it's best to charter a boat to Tyras camp and then walk from there).

Much easier and quicker to use the Tirannwn lodestone and walk west.


The shard of Trahaearn and Ithell

I had to speak to Lady Ithell in the Tower before I could climb down the well.


Teleport or walk to the World Gate and enter it

Maybe mention that easiest way to get there is to teleport to Eagles' Peak lode and run south?


you will not need to dial anything

Need to dial till you get a '1' symbol (thanks Army).


Awesome work Sobend :D

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