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Yo, my salmons.


I'm going for 100 raxxor kills, working under the hope that I'll get nice weapons and gp from it. I'm starting with eighteen. I have a spider leg middle and 1097 arrows. The rest doesn't matter since I sold it already. I'm using gear (will post screenshot probably around 5 am central time. JK


In total it's going to be 82 kills from here. With my cruddy gear I can only do three on a good day. So lets see what happens.


Got two kills toward it already. I still need to become a master prayer switcher.

Here's a spreadsheet



Figuring out how to pull the price from the G.E could be a fun project, but we're sitting at about 10m from drops.

Someone hasn't updated my spredsheet....


Anyway, this happened at kill number 40 (We're getting there!) Only a hilt and a bottom piece to go!





I also made my own amulet of souls!

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Feast your (Araxxi) Eyes!


I'm halfway done with my goal of 100 Spider kills. At this rate Ill have all the pets and a full set by then.

Then we move on to something else...

I'm a terrible record keeper but it's not like I hold on to money anyway.

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well, at least the google docs is up to date....


That would require me logging everything. Which I don't. (I'm bad at this whole log thing.)


I got another eye at 112 kills. I've been the whole time so I guess that whole thing about the combat triangle was a lie.






And then at 116 I got a bottom piece finally. Sal blessed me by giving me some luck. Somehow. So I made a staff. Am I pro yet?






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Congrats on making a staff :D Selling or keeping it?


Keep it because at some point I'd buy it anyway. And I can use it for stuff like rots Raggo and Raids. And I can just make another staff, unless I get a different hilt. I'd like to make my own set but wouldn't be above buying it if I had the cash :P


I also fully upgraded my mage void, so now I'm deeps master.... Right?

Kinda bummed though that mage is difficult at raxxi.


Watch this spot though because this opens a whole new world of possibilities!




I'm just going to edit this post because I have a weird conniption about double posting even though it's been nearly two months.

After a break from spider / effective bossing in general (I've been losing money mostly) I decided to pay a visit to my wife (dumb joke) and she spun me a web after two kills





Oh and the kill before that was kind of weird. I think somebody's yak got left behind.



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