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halp with new laptop

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So I bought a new computer because I was unsatisfied with the processing power of my potato.


and damn, this thing is beautiful.


However, I have to fix a few more issues before I can really start using it. If anyone who is knowledgeable in this kind of stuff could offer any help that would be great.



First of all, this thing has a massive amount of bloatware installed from day 1. I already got rid of the obviously useless programs, but a few things remain that I have no clue about (red dots).





How much of this stuff is useless and should be uninstalled?





Which of these startup programs can I safely disable?



There seem to be a few more programs that are installed yet not listed under control panel, so I'll be updating this space after I take a closer look in my Program Files folders.






The other issue I need to deal with is the graphics settings, and this includes a lot of stuff.


-I have a NVIDIA GTX960M graphics card installed, but I suspect that applications (like RS) are instead using my Intel CPU's onboard graphics. Is there a way to manage this?


-I haven't yet installed any other games, but with RS at least, 3D models and textures take a lot of time to load, at least the first time.


I'll be talking about this particular point more in a later post and providing pics/vids to show it.


-When resizing the RS window, as well as when watching youtube sometimes, I experience a very odd graphics glitch.

here is an example:


this is a direct screenshot. Something like this would flash for a few miliseconds when resizing the RS window, before the image returning to normal.


-What the heck is MSI True Colour, and should I have it activated?




-RS runs on max graphics at full fps, but the audio stutters for some reason despite no apparent lag. No clue where the problem is.




other stuff to come as I discover more

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Well, most of those stuff installed is not necessary for everyday operation and is just the extra stuff. Of course, everything seems to be included on laptops from the begining. I would just get rid all of them.


You can choose what graphics chip to use in NVIDIA Control Panel, maybe that will solve those graphics issues you have.


For sound releated issues, I would try uninstalling the audio drivers and reinstalling them with the latest.

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