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I don't know if it's an IP Board issue, or something else, but the formatting on this site really screws up the text editor window.


For example, if I italicize, then in the middle of typing in italics type a backspace, it jumps me back a couple words or more. This happens all the time. It happens to bolded words too, and probably others.


How to repeat this? Select a formatting type, start writing a sentence, and then in the middle of a word press backspace. Even in a future paragraph pressing backspace sometimes makes you jump back to where the last formatted test is located. It's annoying.


Example of how it looks:


Hi, I am writing in italicsneed to fix it, pressing backspace throws my words around. If I mess up when type and


Hope there is a fix :/

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Similarly, the text editor box in general has difficulties when attempting to change its size. Clicking the bottom right symbol "///" and dragging sometimes causes it to "catch" so it thinks it's still being held down when the mouse button is not being pressed. Of course when I try it now I can't reproduce it, but it happened in my last comment 5 minutes ago, so I'll try to find a way to reproduce it.

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This is an ancient bug. I think I brought it up in the past too, but I think the consensus was that it was a problem on my end. I never made an effort in reproducing it, so since it was so irratic, I just assumed it actually was an issue on my end. :P

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