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Call of The Ancestors

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Call of the Ancestors


By: SlayerrGem


Special Thanks To: Iamacupoftea & KamilKaze & Sobend



Quest Requirements:


Runescape Membership

No other special requirements or items needed


Getting Started


Travel to Mazcab by teleporting to the Bandit camp lodestone and running North West to the shore and swimming across or by an Astromancers Apprentice at the Lumbridge, Varrock, Burthorpe and Priffdinas Lodestones or the Grand Exchange

This will take you to Tuskas back, Talk to Tunks here then you can proceed to the world window onto Mazcab.


To Kattanah


From the world window entrance head North then East and seek out Acca Kattanah where the quest begins.


Acca informs you that the Airut are no longer satisfied with attacking the Goebie race they now intend to raze the entire city to the ground




Now go East to the beach in search of Tunks and his friends who are gathering wood to provide defence to the city.

You will find the 3 Goebies, Tunks, Lunch and Pecks, A cutscene will begin ending in Lunch having a pickaxe embedded in his skull




Lunch will clear a gap in the wall to the north, proceed through here to gather wood for the city' defences


You are now in the form of the Goebie Tunks, Jump the chasm to the North and collect the bundle of logs and move onto the next room, Using Lunch headbutt the wall to make a big enough hole for peck to fit through, switch to her form by clicking on peck to control her and squeeze through the gap to the north and collect the next pile of logs.


Head back to the village and seek out Acca once more, discuss the Nemi poison which the ingredients are in low supply of as Trinks has been dishing it out to adventurers to fend off Airut, you will now head over to Nemi forest to the West to find more supplies of Nemi root.


Once you have reached the forest a message box will pop up, Click on the option to enter Nemi Forest for Call of the Ancestors




Head north where an Ancient Goebie will be waiting, talk to the him to inform him Acca Katanah requires more Nemi root for the poison, in return the Goebie wants your help to rescue a friend from the temple, agree and head north to the temple

Team Goebie after covering themselves in war-paint will join you in the temple rescue.




Here you will be greeted by a turtle Xinachto


Go through all the chat options with Xinachto then talk to Lunch

You cannot accompany Team Goebie in the trials, so go west through a door to begin the first trial.


Trial 1

  • Control Lunch and headbutt the wall to the East


  • Now control Pecks and squeeze through the newly formed hole in the wall
  • Once pecks is through here send him North then East, There are 2 glyphs here, the glyph closest to the magic has the order the buttons need to be pressed where Tunks and Lunch are currently standing, so control Lunch to press these buttons


  • Once that is done that set of buttons is locked in place, Tunks is the most agile of the trio so use him to jump over the chasm to the next set of buttons once Pecks has viewed the other glyph with the order the buttons need to be pressed.
  • Once again control Pecks and investigate the magic.
  • Congratulations your first trial is complete, now control Lunch and exit South

Now the door to the east is accessible so enter here to begin the 2nd trial


Trial 2

  • Using Lunch, headbutt the wall the the West and send through Pecks, Here Pecks can pull a lever which will lower the single pillar on the East side of the room
  • Send Lunch through to push the heavy block onto the Northern pressure plate which lowers the the set of 3 pillars on the Western side of the room
  • Send Tunks over the chasm to stand on the pressure plate on the Western side
  • Now as Lunch go back to the heavy block pulling it South onto the other pressure plate, now Lunch must go and stand on the Northern pressure plate that the heavy block was previously on.
  • Once this is done move Tunks from the Western pressure plate to one of the Northern pressure plates past the newly lowered pillars, Now move Lunch to the pressure plate by Tunks' Side
  • Finally, Get Pecks to go through the North-Western gap and pull the lever there, now use either Lunch or Tunks to investigate the Magic and that will complete the 2nd trial.



You can now exit this room and head to the room North of Xinachto to begin the 3rd and final trial.


Trial 3

  • Once again use Lunch to headbutt the wall to the West of the entrance and send Peck inside to pull the lever, this will flip a tile in the centre room


  • Tunks must stand on this tile first before Lunch stands on the corresponding tile on the outside of the platform for it to work correctly
  • Once again, take control of Peck and head north and pull the lever, this time 2 tiles will flip over. Once again send tunks to the first tile, then Lunch to the corresponding button on the outside of the platform, then back to Tunks to stand on the other tile that is flipped over and again back to Lunch to stand on the corresponding button


  • Again take the form of Pecks and head east the next lever and pull it to turn over 3 tiles this time, As before control Tunks first and then Lunch until all buttons have been activated.


  • Once again take the form of Pecks and head South to pull the lever where 4 tiles will be revealed


  • Repeat as before sending Tunks to an overturned tile and Lunch to the matching button
  • Once this is done Pecks can now investigate the Magic to complete this trial
  • Exit the room once more

Once you have left the 3rd trial area you come upon the scene of Xinachto dying, In the dialogue box the correct option is "We should allow this to happen"

However Lunch frees Xinachto so head back to the Nemi forest to inform the Ancient Goebie what occurred in the temple.


Final Fight & Finishing up



The Ancient Goebie informs you that the Airut are attacking,

after some dialogue you will direct the Goebies where to cast their "forgotten magic" at a wave of enemies starting with the Chargers,

These are relatively easy to kill just click the ground ahead of them to cast the spell to damage them, they only take 1 hit to kill.

The next wave has both Airut and Chargers so be extra vigilant on which direction they are coming from,

the Airut however take 2 hits to kill so it is more trickier than the 1st wave.

Once that is over the 3rd and final wave has Airut, Chargers and Tuz a follower of Beastmaster Durzag,

Airut also now use a ranged attack so things just got a bit trickier than the previous waves, full screen and clicking quickly as soon as the enemies appear on the mini map will help you get through it, also patience is a must until you get the hang of the waves, clicking the mini map also works for the spells however this doesn't seem as effective






Once you have defeated them, its time to head back to the Ancient Goebie to claim the Nemi roots for Acca Kattanah, once you have those head East back to Acca where you will finish the quest after some dialogue where you choose what to tell Acca about your journey and receive your reward.



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Some of the pictures are a bit blurry. Do you have any clearer pictures? By the way, I should have mentioned this, but try to save pictures and .png next time instead of .jpg.


I'll run through this guide when I do the quest sometime in the next few days. This should be up by Thursday.

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