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Runescape Tower Defence Minigame


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What I envision is an in-game tower defence style minigame, utilizing the player's Construction to build towers and barricades; Smithing, Fletching, Crafting, and Runecrafting to equip the defenders; and perhaps even Herblore and Cooking to increase their survivability. Rewards could be experience or bonus experience in those skills, perhaps even the ability to summon spiritual fighters, rangers, and mages such as the ones in the God Wars Dungeon.


Troll Invasion has the option to defend the wall instead of slaying the trolls, true, but who actually selects that mode besides non-combat pures? The minigame experience is, at least for me, underwhelming in fulfilling its potential.


This minigame could be linked to the God Wars Dungeon (protecting one faction from another's attacks), Dungeoneering (defending the Fremmenik against monsters pouring out from Daemonheim), or even Pest Control (defending the Void Knights against the new Pest Queen). I would suggest against setting it on Ape Atoll against Party Pete's balloons, just for legal purposes.


I realize this could easily be the next Mobilising Armies—cool on the surface but dead content in a week. That's why I don't think it should be multiplayer, and definitely not player-versus-player. Also, bonus experience for the expensive artisan skills (Smithing and Crafting) should be enough to lure skillers in so that they don't view it as "xp waste", but not so much as to unbalance the game.



Please support here.

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