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Officials puzzled by 'giant wang' on thin ice

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A penis drawn on a frozen moat in western Sweden has created problems for city park officials.


The unusual image appeared drawn in snow that fell on top of on ice in Kungsparken (King's Park) over the weekend.


Park staff working for Gothenburg City Council who were out cleaning the area were swifly approached by a number of locals who complained that the penis drawing was offensive.


They decided to see if they could scrub the image out. However after gingerly approaching the ice, they turned back, fearing that it might be too risky in case the frozen water cracked.


"They judged that the ice would not stay put. They did not dare to go out on to the moat and consequently the artwork is there until thawing weather returns," Darko Brankovic, director of Gothenburg's Parks and Landscape Administration (Park- och naturförvaltningens organisation och ledning) told Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.


The unusual mission was documented by a beady-eyed 79-year-old local, Åke Lindgren, who watched the scene unfold from the window of his apartment.


He used his smartphone to take a photo of the park staff dressed in bright yellow jumpsuits at the edge of the ice and then shared his snap with the Swedish media, becoming something of a celebrity himself by Monday afternoon.


"I have explained the story many, many times now!" Lindgren laughed when contacted by The Local.


"But it's funny! The penis is still there, I can still see it. But it is still a bit dangerous right now," he added.


The Local was unable to reach Brankovic, however he told Aftonbladet that he could "understand both those who think that the penis is offensive and those who only see the fun in it all".


Meanwhile Anneli Hulthén, the city's Social Democrat mayor made her more opinionated thoughts clear when she skated into the debate on Twitter.


"I can't comment in a way that makes sense. Or, in plain language, who cares," she posted.






[Austin Powers]oh my God, it looks like a huge...[/Austin Powers]

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It's great knowing that you can count on sals to provide the weird news stories.


Can't they just wait for the ice to freeze more and then get rid of it?

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[Austin Powers]oh my God, it looks like a huge...[/Austin Powers]

"Dick. Dick, take a look out of starboard."


.....Swedes with a sense of humor. Now that one is new. :D

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"penis," 1933, slang, probably from whangdoodle, an earlier term for"gadget, thing for which the correct name is not known." Many such words (thingy, dingus, etc.) have been used in slang for "penis," not because theactual name was unknown, but because it was unmentionable. Anotherpossibility is that the slang word is a variant of whang "large, thick slice"(1630s), which earlier was used in the sense of "thong" (1530s) and isitself a variant of thwang, an alternat form of thong (see thong ).

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