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Daddy long legs fossil found with intact erection after 99 million years

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A daddy long legs with an erection nearly half the size of its body has been found in South-East Asia; frozen in time for the past 99 million years.

The arachnid, also known as a Harvestman, was preserved in amber while sitting on a tree in Myanmar.

Its distinctive penis, with a heart-shaped tip and a slight twist at the end was erect at the time it reached its unfortunate fate.

The Science of Nature journal reported the discovery explaining no other known living harvestman had a penis with exactly this shape.

"This is the first record of a male copulatory organ of this nature preserved in amber and is of special importance due to the age of the deposit,” the article stated.

The penis of the arachnid is usually hidden inside the body when not in use.

The research team led by Jason Dunlop found the penis details were very important for determining where this species fits in its family tree.


"So far only a few fossil harvestmen have revealed their penis, which makes it difficult to compare them effectively with living species,” the team said.

Harvestman fossils are rare — only 38 have ever been found — but harvestman genitals are even more elusive.

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and some people complain about a mere few hours after the little blue pill...

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Very happy there were pictures included.

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"If your erection lasts more than four million years, consult a doctor immediately"

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