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Alright boys I'm going to start working on this. I'm pretty busy though so after this week I'll only be able to work on it a few hours a week. I'm going to estimate a finish of this in two months. If someone can help we could accelerate this big time.



By: Sobend

SPECIAL Thanks to: Army of One, Mastermax268, Nxy

Have YOU ever wanted to be the wizard of Falador Park? Well now you can, with invention!


Invention involves coming up with new ideas in the world of RuneScape and augmenting your existing gear with some cool perks. It is an elite skill which caps at 120 and requires 80 smithing, 80 divination, and 80 crafting.


The Basics


The main purpose of invention is to augment your weapons, armor, and other gear with pieces of technology you have created. Invention also allows you to make new items that are useful in certain circumstances. Invention is a artisan skill. It is different from other artisan skills such as smithing and crafting in that the items you are creating are invented by you, i.e. they did not exist in the world of RuneScape before you created them (unlike, say, an iron platebody).


Invention is an elite skill, requiring level 80 in smithing, crafting, and divination to begin. To begin the skill, enter the invention guild near the dwarven mines entrance north of Falador. Then, talk to Doc.




Doc will take you on a tutorial which will give you a run down on the basics of invention. It's good to read the dialogue so you at least have some clue on what to do. The author of this guide didn't do this and he regretted it. Don't be him. The tutorial will also get you to level 4 invention. From here you will be able to begin the invention skill.


Materials and Dissassembling


To manufacture invention items, you're going to need materials that are stored in your invention pouch PzFAzwG.png, which can be seen below your inventory in the EOC interface. To view the materials you have, you can click on the invention pouch. These materials are gained by disassembling common items in RuneScape, mainly weapons and armor but also jewelry, summoning pouches, potions, food, etc. There are two ways to disassemble items. First, you can click on the disassemble option in the skilling section of the spellbook and then click on the item in your inventory you wish to disassemble. The second way is to simply drag the item you wish to disassemble from your inventory to the invention pouch. To find out what an item can give you upon disassembly, you can use the analyze button on the skilling section of the spellbook.


As you can guess, not all items give the same invention materials when disassembled. Low level materials such as logs and bronze arrows will mostly give junk, the worst type of material you can get from disassembly. High level materials such as Torva Armor and Drygore Weaponry will get you useful materials and also rare materials that can be used to make cool gizmos. Of course nobody is going to be regularly disassembling these very expensive items, so you're probably going to want to disassemble mid tier items such as rune weapons and summoning pouches.


Here is a list of materials and how they are retrieved.


[TABLE. May need help with this part.]


The Workbench


The workbench is where you both come up with ideas and create things from your ideas. There is a workbench in the Invention Guild near the Dwarven Mines. There are also workbenches in the Varrock by the western anvils, Ardougne, the Seers Village Elemental Workshop, Yannille, and Falador.




Workbench discovery is where you create blueprints for inventions. Discovery is fueled by inspiration, an intangible value that is attached to your character. Inspiration is gained through training or leveling. You get some inspiration from getting an invention level and you can get some more from training skills (including invention) once per invention level. In other words, you can get a maximum of two lots of inspiration each invention level.


To begin discovery, click on the discovery workbench option on the invention workbench and you will see a discovery interface. You should see a bunch of possible inventions you can create blueprints for on the left. Click on the blueprint you wish to create and then click on the modules. Once you have the five modules selected, click on the prototype button. Your prototype will probably fail; this is normal. What modules are needed is discovered through trial and error. Eventually you will find out the modules needed for creation.


When you have figured out what five modules you need for that item, you need to place them in an order. Every order works, but some orders use less inspiration. For example, this is a configuration for a 200 inspiration object.




This is a bad order. On the other hand, this order is pretty good.




To save your inspiration, it is suggested you aim for perfect configurations (especially at higher levels). If you can't find an perfect configuration, you can probably settle for a excellent configuration occasionally, though it is still suggested you go for perfect most of the time.


You may not have enough inspiration to create every item possible. Try to do the important inventions such as augmented gear advancement before inventing other miscellaneous objects that may have limited uses in terms of leveling invention.


Most blueprints are unlocked by leveling, but some are unlocked via other means. For instance, two blueprints are unlocked after Nomad's Elegy and four blueprints can be found by playing in the GWD2 Dungeon.


You will gain a small amount of invention experience for discoveries.




Manufacturing is where you can produce inventions that you have discovered through the workbench. It is fairly straightforward. The interface for creating these invented items is similar to that of smithing and crafting. The main difference is that there is a large variety of items needed to create items. Materials from the invention pouch are needed as well.


The list of items is here




Gizmo Creation


Gizmos are used to add perks to your weapons or armor. These perks can be good (such as protecting an extra item with the protect item prayer) and bad (such as dealing 30% less damage to demons). Gizmo shells are created through the workbench and to get the perks, materials must be added to the gizmo shell. To do this, click on the gizmo shell and you will see an interface where you can add materials to the shells. Adding materials will give possible perk options, which you can learn more about by hovering your mouse over them.




For common materials, five materials are required for each slot. For uncommon and rare materials, only one material is required for each slot. Generally, better materials give you better perks. If you see that none of your perk options are positive, there's no reason to create this perk (unless you want to expensively train invention through perk creation OR the game isn't hard enough for you and you want a negative perk). What perk you get upon gizmo creation is random, but it will be one or two of the listed possible options.




The available perks are listed below.


Augmentation and Gear Leveling


Not all gear can be augmented. At the present moment, only weapons, legs, and bodies of level 70 tier or higher can be augmented. There are some exceptions with easily obtainable weapons, such as Blisterwood.


To augment a weapon, you'll first need to create an augmentor. These are fairly cheap creations that require a divine energy (225 incandescent energy and more for lower tier energy), 45 bladed parts, 45 tensile parts, 45 flexible parts, 8 enhancing components, and 7 powerful components. Once you have the augmentor, you can add this to a desired weapon or armor. Once you have the augmented gear, you can add perks by using the gizmo with the desired perks to the augmented weapon. Perks do not stack, i.e. adding the two same perks that increase weapon damage by 2% does not increase your weapon damage by 4%.




In invention, individual items can be leveled through usage. Weapons and armor are leveled through combat. Like combat, not all monsters give the same weapon XP. Monsters that are higher in level tend to give more experience. You can check your weapon XP by right clicking your augmented weapon. Weapons do not need perks to be leveled.




Leveling weapons will consume something called energy. This energy is stored on a charge pack in your toolbelt and can be checked by clicking on the toolbelt, clicking the invention icon and then hovering your mouse over the charge pack. In order to continue to level weapons, you will need to replenish energy. To do this, you will first need to create a divine charges. Divine charges require level 4 invention (meaning they can be made after the tutorial), 20 simple parts, and 225 incadescent energy. Each divine charge will give you 3000 gear energy. This part of invention is fairly expensive as the divine energy and the simple parts will cost you a fair bit. If you run out of divine energy your gear will stop leveling and also be as useful as a basic tier 1 weapon.


Tech Trees


At level 40 invention, you can uncover the tech tree for a certain race. There are currently two races you can research from: cave goblins and dwarves. To unlock the cave goblin tech tree, speak to Oldak in northwest Dorgesh-Kaan. To unlock the dwarf tech tree, speak to Drorkar in the Keldagrim Dwarf Palace. At level 60, you can uncover the tech tree for a second race. Each race's tech tree has additional materials and inventions you can research and create.




Leveling Invention


Considering the high expense of creating gizmos, most people will be leveling invention through using and level augmented gear. To do this, use an augmented gear in combat. It will increase in level over time until you reach a maximum level (5, 10, or 15). Once you have your gear at your desired level, you can gain a hefty sum of invention experience from either disassembling the gear or siphoning it (requirement of 60 invention), which will allow you to keep your weapon but only give you half of the invention experience you would get upon disassembly.


Due to the level 60 requirement of siphoining, you will be training at first by disassembling your augmented gear. As your gear will be destroyed in the disassembly, it is strongly suggested you do not augment any gear you do not want to lose. If you do, you won't be able to use this leveled gear to train invention until level 60. It's also worth noting that you cannot de-augment any gear at the moment. If you are siphoning, it is best to siphon at level 12. If you are disassembling, it is best to disassemble at level 10.




Not all gear gives the same experience upon disassembly or siphoning. Level 70 gear gives 10% less experience than level 80 and level 90 gear gives 10% more experience than level 80.


Relatively cheap weapons level 70 weapons that can be augmented include the Balmung (300,000 GP replacement), the Handcannon, the Black Salamander (free replacement with 71 Hunter), and enhanced excalibur. The only cheap level 80 weapon that can be augmented is the royal crossbow.


A common strategy beyond level 60 is to use a high level augmented weapon that you siphon at level 9 and then two lower level armor pieces (such as ganodermic or barrows) that you disassemble at level 10. This is fairly expensive. Cheaper alternatives include only leveling a two handed weapon or an offhand weapon.



XP Curve


The Invention XP curve is not like that of other skills. In general, low levels take longer to level and high levels are quicker to level. Level 99 is 36,073,511 and 120 is 80618654. Level 84 is halfway to level 99.


Update 3/20: I was going to work on this today, but I don't have the time. Since they keep screwing up stuff with the training methods, I'll probably hold off on that for now and work on getting all the materials together.



Need help with:


Materials (and how to get)

Manufacturing items (levels and what is needed to make them)

Research (levels)

Perks - types

What materials make what perks.

Edited by Sobend

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For discovering blueprints, look for the 'perfect' configuration over 'excellent'. At higher levels it starts to save you significant amounts of inspiration.

Other than that, good luck on the guide bro. If you need any help, hit me up.

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Thanks I fixed that bit.


Does anyone know when this skill will be fully released? I know this is only the first half or so.

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Things that this guide could benefit from:

  • List of good items to disassemble for components
  • Useful perks, and how to obtain them
  • Mentioning that T70 items award 459,000 XP when disassembled at level 10 / siphoned at level 12, T75 awards 499,500 XP, T80 awards 540,000, T85 awards 580,500 and T90 awards 621,000 XP
  • Skilling in Invention (Augmenting Crystal Hatchets, Dragon Hatchets, Crystal Fishing Rods and Rod-o-Matic)
  • Informing the reader that items reach level ten at 40,120 item XP, and level twelve at twice this amount.
  • Some of the items that the player discovers through Invention - the Pogo Stick, Lab outfit, etc.
  • Mention that Invention has a separate XP curve from other skills
  • There's also a Workbench in the Seers Village Elemental Workshop building you haven't mentioned
  • Items should be siphoned at level 12, not level 9 for maximum XP
  • The Royal Crossbow is currently a great weapon to train with (all the parts are 90k right now, which is about as cheap as a Handcannon)
  • Maybe mention that two Blueprints for items are awarded from completing Nomad's Elegy and four from the GWD2

There's probably more but that's just some of the stuff I thought of.

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Will probably start working on the tables now. I won't be coding the tables on here obviously.


I think I'll hold off on writing a skill training section because it changes way too much and by the time I'm ready to publish this it may be different than what it is today.

Edited by Sobend

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Also I forgot to mention un-augmentors are now a thing and in your guide you mention that augmenting is unreversable. Using one removes the augment and leaves the item in broken state if it is degradeable. You also still mention level 9 siphoning in a few spots I saw one at the bottom of the guide right above the XP curve section. That section might be better at the top of the guide too just a thought

Gl on the tables man those are always a pain >.<

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I need help with rare materials. They're pretty random.


Can people check their rare materials and post them here? All I need is the material name and then where you get them from (the game description).

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Hey all, here's what I have for materials:


Simple: Base, Blade, Clear, Connector, Cover, Crafted, Crystal, Deflecting, Delicate, Flexible, Head, Magic, Metallic, Padded, Plated, Simple, Smooth, Spiked, Spiritual, Stave, Tensile

Uncommon: Dextrous, Direct, Enhancing, Ethereal, Evasive, Healthy, Heavy, Imbued, Light, Living, Powerful, Precious, Precise, Protective, Refined, Sharp, Strong, Stunning, Subtle, Swift, Pious, Variable

Rare: Bandos, Dragonfire, Explosive, Fungal, Knightly, Resilient, Undead,


I'm missing a few (especially in the rare section) so please check your material bags and see if you have something I don't,


For the materials I will need the material name and then where they come from (Like base parts --- bolts, weapons with hilts, shields)

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There's rare components for all gwd1 gods. Bandos, Armadyl, Saradomin, Zamorak. There's also one for each gwd2 boss - Avernic is Zamorak, Shadow is Sliske, Cywir is Seren, Ilujankan is Zaros. Ascended is Ascension Bows / Grips, Rumbling is Drygores and Seismics, Noxious is Noxious weapons. Pestiferous is Void Knight Equipment, Corporeal is Spirit Shields. Pest and Corp require Goblin and Dwarven tech trees respectively. Brassican is from Cabbage, Ancient if from 3rd age gear, Fortunate is from Treasure Trail items, Culinary is from RFD items, silent if from Death Lotus, Oceanic is from Seasinger, Resilient is from Tetsu. Harnessed is from Elemental equipment. Seren is from Crystal equipment, and Zaros is from Nex Gear.


^ all rare btw. Some are 100% and some aren't, I'm not sure which ones are which though.

Edited by Army of One

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Hot Damn. Nice.


This is coming along nicely now.


54 - Brassican fungal fortunate undead

69 Shifting

74 - GWD1

83- ancient seren zaros

87 - oceanic silent resistent

89 - shadow avernic cywir ilujankan

99 - rumbling noxious ascended

- credit dei wei, clue


Weapon perks


Inaccurate - Reduces weapon accuracy 1% per rank - Base, Deflecting, Head, Organic, Spiritual, Healthy, Enhancing, Light, Refined

Antitheism - Denies access to protect/deflect prayers and curses - Base, Blade, Magic, Metallic, Simple, Spiritual, Ethereal, Precious

Talking - Gives your gear more personality - Base, Head, Organic, Simple, Living

Dragon Slayer - Deal 7% additional damage to dragons - Base, Enhancing, Dragonfire

Junk Food - Food gives 3% less health per rank - Blade, Delicate, Spiked, Imbued

Biting - +2% chance per rank to deal critical hit to opponent - Blade, Direct

Glow worm - Provides light equivalent to a bullseye lantern - Clear, Stave, Light

Hallucinogenic - Causes you to see strange things... - Clear, Crafted, Simple, Light

Cautious - Cannot auto-retaliate when equipped - Clear, Flexible, Spiritual, Direct, Evasive, Precise, Refined

Demon Slayer- Deals 7% additional damage to demons - Clear, Dextrous,

Scavenging - 1% chance per rank to get an uncommon invention component as a drop from combat (with a 1% chance it will be a rare component instead - Connector, Smooth, Precious

Undead Bait - Deal 30% less damage to the undead - Connector, Stave

Dragon bait - Deal 30% less damage to Dragons - Connector, Flexible, Dextrous, Refined, Sharp

Mobile - Reduces cooldown of Surge, Escape, and Barge by 50%, but these abilities no longer give adrenaline - Connector, Flexible, Dextrous

Precise - Increases your minimum damage by 1.5% per rank of your maximum damage. - Connector, Precise

Shield Bashing - Debilitate's damage is increase by 15% per rank - Cover, Deflecting, Protective, Swift

Mediocrity - Decreases max hit by 3% per rank - Crafted, Deflecting, Head, Metallic, Organic, Stunning

Fatiguing - Gain 2% less adrenaline per rank - Crafted, Spiked, Stave, Strong, Stunning

Demon Bait - Deals 30% less damage to Demons - Crystal, Delicate, Padded, Heavy, Protective, Refined, Variable

Trophy-taker's - 3% chance per rank a slain creature will zero kills to its slayer assignment, 2% per rank it will add two kills - Crystal, Spiked, Powerful, Variable

Undead Slayer - Deals 7% additional damage to Undead on Slayer task - Crystal, Living

Efficient - Charge drain rate for this item is decreased by 6% per rank - Crystal, Healthy

Equilibrium - Increases minimum hit by 3% and decreases maximum hit 1% per rank. Does not stack with equilibrium aura; aura takes precedent. - Delicate, Smooth, Precise

Wise - While equipped, +1% per rank additional experience, up to 50,000 additional experience per day - Flexible, Spiritual, Ethereal

Clear Headed - Anticipation lasts one second longer per rank, but no longer reduces damage taken - Flexible, Head, Stunning, Variable

Crackling - Periodically zaps your combat target's opponent for 50% of weapon damage per rank (or 10% of weapon damage per rank in PvP) - Magic, Imbued, Explosive

Undead Bait - Deal 30% less damage to the undead - Magic, Smooth

Energising - Slice, piercing shot, and wrack deal 20% less damage, but generate 0.6 additional adrenaline per rank - Magic, Smooth, Stave, Enhancing, Imbued, Refined

Ultimatums - Reduces the adrenaline cost of Overpower, Frenzy, Unload, and Omnipower by 5% per rank. Does not stack with other ultimate adrenaline saving effects - Magic, Imbued, Explosive

Spendthrift - 1% chance per rank to deal 1% extra damage per rank, at the cost of 1 gold coin per extra damage dealt (from coins in backpack, not moneypouch) - Magic, Precious

Invigorating - Boosts adrenaline gained from auto-attacks by 10% per rank - Organic, Enhancing, Swift, Culinary

Committed - Always skulled when item is equipped - Plated, Spiked, Stave, Healthy, Heavy, Refined, Strong

Blunted - Reduces weapon damage by 1% per rank - Plated, Smooth, Tensile, Direct, Evasive, Powerful, Precise, Swift

Looting - Most enemies have a 25% chance to drop an additional high-level resource (5 minute cooldown). - Simple, Precious

Taunting - Provoke affects enemies in a 5x5 square around its target, causing those that are already in combat to attack you - Spiked, Sharp, Knightly

Genocidal - Deal up to 7% extra damage to your current Slayer target proportional to progress through your current Slayer task - Spiked, Powerful

Hoarding - Protect item protects two items instead of one (does not work in PvP areas) - Spiritual, Tensile, Protective, Refined

Enlightened - +3% item XP per rank (for the item it's installed on). - Spiritual

Mysterious - Has a mysterious affect... - Tensile, Stunning




Turtling - The Barricade ability's duration and cooldown are both increased by 10% per rank - Base, Crystal, Evasive

Profane - Cannot consume prayer potions - Clear, Cover, Crystal, Flexible, Padded, Simple, Tensile, Living

Bulwark - Debilitate deals no damage but gains up to 6% per rank extra duration from shield value - Cover, Metallic, Heavy, Powerful

Preparation - Preparation's duration and cooldown are increased by 15% per rank. - Crafted, Bulwark

Venomblood - Regular poison damage is negated - Deflecting, Evasive, Healthy

Lucky - 0.5% chance per rank when hit that the damage dealt will be reduced to 1. Does not stack with the equivalent warpreist effect - Delicate, Light

Brief Respite - Reduces cooldown for Guthix's Blessing and Rejuvenate by 5% per rank, and total by healing 1% of max lifepoints per rank. - Organic, Ethereal, Refined, Culinary

Absorbative - 20% chance to reduce an attack by 5% per rank - Padded, Plated, Strong

Reflexes - Anticipation's duration and cooldown are halved - Smooth, Dextrous




Charitable - Has a 1% chance per rank of putting an extra item by other nearby players after successfully gathering a resource - Base, Direct

Honed - Has a 2% per rank higher chance of successfully gathering materials - Blade, Magic, Precise, Sharp

Confused - Has a 1% chance per rank of teleporting you randomly after successfully gathering a resource - Cover, Metallic, Stunning

Furnace - Has a 5% chance per rank of consuming a resource for an extra 100% XP - Cover, Imbued, Sharp, Dragonfire

Cheapskate - Has a 1% chance per rank of transmuting a gathered resource to a lower tier - Crystal, Smooth, Enhancing, Variable

Imp-Souled - Has a 3% chance per rank on successful gathering to send the gathered resources to the bank at the cost of 30 prayer points - Deflecting, Swift

Butterfingers - Has a 3% chance per rank of dropping the resource you just gathered - Delicate, Padded, Tensile, Dextrous, Heavy

Polishing - Has a 3% chance per rank of transmuting a gathered resource to a higher tier - Padded, Dextrous, Protective

Refined - Has a 5% chance of preventing a resource from depleting when gathering - Smooth, Enhancing, Refined

Edited by Sobend

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The only thing I need now is the what perks the high level rare materials cause. If you have any of those just put 5 of them into each type of gizmo shell and tell me what you get. However I don't think most people have rumbling or noxious components so I'm not holding my breath and will probably release this today regardless.


I'm keeping it in this section for further updates.

Edited by Sobend

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  • x Armadyl Components = x Precise perk, weapon gizmos. 5 comps = precise 5. Gives Charitable for tool gizmos
  • Shifting = Efficient and Ultimatums. 1 = both at level 1. 2 = both at 1 at level 1 or 2. 3 = both at lvl 2. 4 = both at level 2 or 3, and 5 = both at 3. Remember you still may only get one of the two perks. Only efficient when used for tool gizmos
  • Nox = biting
  • Rumbling = equilibrium (I think? Double check that)
  • Dragonfire = Dragon Slayer (Only ever need to use one component - 1 dragonfire = dragon slayer perk. 5 dragonire = dragon slayer perk) Furnace 2-3 for 5 comps on tool gizmos
  • Fungal = Absorbative 2-3 for 5 components, only works on armour.
  • Undead = Undead Slayer + Genocidal. One component = chance at Undead Slayer. Two components = Chance at Undead Slayer + / or Genocidal.
  • Explose = Crackling. 1 Component = Crackling one. 5 Components = Chance at Crackling 3 + / or Ultimatums 3.
  • Knightly = Taunting

Thats all the rares ive got


Lol I just realised you'd put the guide up. I've got some screenshots of the 99 and 120 capes and emotes, would you like a skillcape section? Just for the oldschool feel of it, you know, plus our Dungeoneering guide had one.








Edited by Army of One

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Hey there was new tech tree stuff released yesterday. Should I put the new inventions with the other inventions or should I make their own section?

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It appears Jagex's Invention Batch 2 is never actually coming out. So I will move this from works-in-progress to the completed guides section because we won't be adding anything to this guide anytime soon.

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