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People that post no more than every 3 days (including status updates & blogs) - less than 6


People that check in regularly ( no more than 2 days) & post when appropriate - 50-60


Yeah the active community is shrinking, but theres @ least another hundred that drop in randomly to see whats going on & often post to let everyone know they're still alive.

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Well, I have been in the "Always around, but never posting unless I find something interesting" cathegory for a few years. If you do that, you end up noticing that Bwauder might not be entirely wrong. There is quite a few people regularily browsing or checking in, but most of us just do not post.

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I mostly lurk I guess, and post whenever something catches my eye. Unfortunately Gnostic Christian Bishop is the only person who has made any debate threads recently and I've finally become wise enough to refrain from responding to him :P

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Messageboards/forums are a dying form of digital communication. This is probably the biggest forum I've ever registered in, but even here it is being eaten up by Tumblr, Facebook, and so on. The game that drew most of us here is still going and still updating, but getting new guides out is like pulling teeth.

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Jeez. The last time I was online was four years ago. Surprised my account even works. Even then, most of the stuff I did was lurk. Damn I missed this place. So many memories, people. The activity. Like, it blew my mind how one game brought so many people together in this one forum. But now, it's just...so empty. So depressing :(. One of my favorite users here, Wiltingplant, apparently quit last year. Going on the clan chat in RS it was mostly empty. I miss the community. 2007 didn't seem like 9 years ago at all.


9 freaking years. Time flies so fast you don't even realize it.


I guess most of us grew up? Idk. Hell, I was just a kid at the time. Damn.


Looking through these forums are like looking at a museum now.


Wish I could timetravel. haha.

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Well, I like to think about it like this: Regardless of how you look at it, the one thing that bound this forum together was the game it was meant to create a community for. One can say a lot of things about RuneScape that could be valid in this discussion, but the best question we could ask ourselves is this:


How often do people stay active in a game for over 10 years?


Once people stop playing the game, then being an active part of the community becomes more of a social thing. When you gain other interests and hobbies, you tend to focus on those primarily and the old priorities get put further behind in the priority queue. That means that being active on a forum to a game you do not play becomes a chore, and thus people just... stop. At least until nostalgia kicks in and people wonder "What happened to Slams?". :cute:

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