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"The world of Gielinor, from the classic game Runescape. Unlike the Tyria map where I did the exact sizes of the game map, for Gielinor I decided to rescale things to be a bit more sensible in their sizing. This does lead to problems like technically the city of Ardougne needs to a) Be next to the mountains to its west running down the center of the subcontinent, b) Be next to the coast to the east due to its port, and finally c) Have a riving running north-south through it.


The hard thing about this map is that the source material is so detailed and so densely packed I had to leave so much detail out of the map. I could easily have a filled map of any given region of this world - I definitely want to do a map of the Lunar Sea in the future, as well as a focus in on Asgarnia/Misthalin. I also might want to do a map from a prior age if I feel like doing enough wiki-binging to put it together.


(not all the erasing markings are gone yet because my eraser last eraser ran out)"


measures 24" by 18"


shameless plug for my art blog

Edited by Lily Haaron

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The mainland looks like a camel! :P


Nice job.

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