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Harambe The Silverback

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The killing of a gorilla at a zoo in the US city of Cincinnati after a four-year-old boy fell into its enclosure has triggered outrage on social media.


Many said male gorilla Harambe should not have been shot dead as he did not intend to hurt the boy, some using the hashtag #JusticeForHarambe.


Others said the parents should be held responsible for not looking after their child during Saturday's incident.

Zoo officials shot dead the gorilla after he grabbed and dragged the boy.

The zoo said it had taken this action against the 400lb (180kg) gorilla as the situation was "life-threatening".



Twitter user StrayanRepublic, wrote: "#HARAMBE wasn't dragging him to kill him... he was protecting the child from the threat of screaming tourists. @Xoxjlove @CincinnatiZoo."


Kenz, another user, posted this message: "#JusticeForHarambe its so sad that an endangered animal had to be put down because of careless parenting."


Meanwhile, Andrue wrote: "Why don't zoos have instant acting tranquilizer? First those 2 lions now Harambe #JusticeForHarambe."

He was referring to last week's incident when two lions were shot dead in a zoo in Chile after a man entered their pen in an apparent suicide attempt.


More than 60,000 people have also signed a special petition, calling for the boy's parents to "be held accountable for the lack of supervision and negligence that caused Harambe to lose his life".


Lots of debate as to who is guilty here.


I have to agree with something I read where a person says that the zoo would have to kill Harambe in that situation because tranquilizers wouldn't be able to stop him. Also debates are going as to whether Harambe was protecting the child. My opinion is no harambe was toying with the child. Also you're talking about an animal that is like 10x stronger than an "average human". As much as I hate this happening, I think it needed to happen.


People all over facebook are saying you cannot punish the woman in this instance because we've all had times where we take our eyes off of a child. I agree that it's pretty unfortunate that he managed to get away. Although, whenever I've looked after people if they escape my sight, they get a glance every 10 seconds or so. I live and work at home and my cats and puppy are rarely out of my sight and they are animals not people.


Cannot blame the child here in my opinion, children are stupid and require guidance.


The zoo should probably take blame here too, how does a child even end up inside the enclosure.


Sidenote: I hate zoo's. I like some zoos where they are funding their support of endangered animals by paying for entry. But that is only where they are looking after animals that wouldn't survive otherwise. I hate the idea of putting living things on display for people to gawk at.

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My personal feeling when i first saw this and continuing throughout the various developments:

The rare gorilla was doing its best to protect the child in a situation it didnt really understand or create. They shot the wrong target - theres plenty of stupid children and parents no one would have missed them.

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I agree that the Gorilla should have been shot. Obviously it was unfortunate but I don't think it was worth second guessing.


The parent probably should go without charges unless she was doing something ridiculous like disregarding safety warnings.

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I really can get angry how this is a fudgeing bigger deal than cops instantly shooting a toddler with a toy gun and walking free....


that and general meat eater hypocrisy valuing such animal life as precious while getting meat animals slaughtered by the millions

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