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What's happening with the website/forums

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Is it going to sit and wither away or are we doing something with it?


Wondering what needs to happen to keep this ship afloat...Problem is my knowledge of Runescape is outdated by about 6 years realistically, but you have my design help wherever you need it.


Not relevant really:



Something I was looking at which might be something to look into is IPB 4. We currently use IPB3 and that was the last update the forums had. Not saying the forums need an update in software, but the IPB4 suite has some added benefits which I think could help out with content creation and maybe give the site the lick of paint it needs.




Examples of some websites using IPB4




I'm not sure what it adds to be honest with you, but I cannot sit back and let it die, i will keep bringing it up for the sake of nostalgia if I have too. IPB4 Could provide us with integration of CMS like the website has but linked to the community as well.


Maybe you don't agree about the IPB4 thing, but in general you probably want this place to survive, any ideas?



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I have experience with IPB4 on another forum. It looks pretty cool and more modern than IPB3, but there really isn't anything groundbreaking. I don't know exactly how customized this site is, but it could take a lot of effort and bug-fixing to make the upgrade, or at least enough that it might not actually be worth doing.


Also, from my experience, it really screws around unnecessarily with the "My Content" button, which would anger some people. -.-

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In reality, forums are an outdated resource and the decline of forum-use is widespread across all genres - from forums dedicated to MMOs to forums dedicated to cars, technology, education, science, etc. I can't think of a single forum out of the dozen or so I use to visit daily that I have visited in the past 4-5 years besides this one. It's just an inconvenient truth for those of us still hanging out here - there are better forms of communication nowadays that push this mode of communication to the back burner until something revolutionary happens to the designs of forums as a whole.

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I don't know about this helping the website, it could help indirectly though. But to keep the Sals community going, I've noticed Facebook groups are a fantastic lane to chase for every genre. Literally the exact opposite of what Chaoss said is happening for forums is happening for Facebook groups. It's probably a convenience thing.

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In 2013-2014 I made more of an effort to help, but 1) I don't play rs3 anymore at all and 2) My life's changed a lot and I have way more things going on. Not saying there shouldn't be an effort, but I think I'll have to sit it out for now.

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As it is, I think there are too many subforums here, and consequently not all of them are utilized. Some subforums haven't been posted in for months- and this gives the site an appearance of "dying", despite there being quite a few active users on the forums elsewhere. Eliminating the strict organizational structure of these forums and having a master page would give the appearance of a more vibrant, active community since the latest and freshest content is brought to the forefront. It would also take less time to navigate the sight having all the content aggregated- allowing users faster access to content.

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