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Windows 10 Admin account lost password

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To give a short version of what happened I went to Denmark to spent New Years with my best friend.

The day I returned home I distracted myself texting and messaging while waiting for my gate to open so I could embark (mainly my fault, but I also blame the people who wouldn't leave me in peace ffs) my main luggage trolley went "missing". So in other words someone stole it from me while I was distracted.

Never recovered it, and amongst the valuable things I lost one was particularly hard to replace: my passwords list. I recovered everything quite easily, and proceeded to secure all my accounts; except one: my laptops account password. I had changed all my passwords during my stay in Denmark, and I can't for the life of me remember the Windows account password.

I know there are manners to recover it, either by using another admin account to change it's password or following the same procedure but resetting it via safe mode console. But for it to work it requires a second admin account, and my laptop only has one (the missing password account). I also never made a password recovery disk, cus quite frankly the odds of this ever happening were unbelievably low. But the Universe likes to have it's fun and here we are.

So conclusion: I need help. I'm locked out of my own laptop. I don't wanna reinstall Windows as that would cause me to lose over 8 years of memories, documents, images, videos, saved games... countless irreplaceable stuff.

Does anyone know of any manners to recover a Windows 10 account password?

I've read about an iSunshare program (that costs 50 freaking Euros good lord) and seemingly allows you to break into your laptop, run the program and with it either change the password of the admin account or create a new admin account. But quite frankly it sounds way too good to be true (even at that stupidly expensive price for W10). Their English is also pretty sketchy which is always suspicious. Anyone heard of this program or knows any reviews of it etc?

I'll provide a link if anyone needs it, but should be easy to find with a google search of "iSunshare + Password recovery tool" or similar.


Thanks in advance for any help;

The retired King, Micael "fudgeing locked myself out of my computer" Fatia


Had to edit that post so much to fix typos, missing words, extra words added by autocorrect... hate having to use my tablet for this stuff.

Edited by Micael Fatia
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happened to my mother in law after the automated windows 10 update

she had the password removed at a local IT store who had a fulltime job just doping that for people who got windows 10'ed


so it IS possible

That's good news, I wonder if they followed a process similar to the one in Leaf's video using that password hack tool and the iSunshare hack program.


Thanks Leaf, that seems slightly less sketchy than the iSunshare one. However, it's still a hack tool and that always makes me wary of possible consequences. I may have no other choice though, so I'll definitely take a look at it.


Thanks guys.

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