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Skillcape perk grouping and analysis

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These perks directly improve your ability to fight.

  • Strength: Dismember lasts an additional 2 seconds.
    Once again Jagex demonstrates their annoying habit of using seconds (and a grossly incorrect value too) when talking about combat abilities.
    What this actually does is increase Dismember from 5 hits to 8 hits.
    In terms of time, Dismember increases from 6.0 seconds to 9.6 seconds. (Dear Jagex, 3.6 does not equal 2)
    If you are fighting things with enough hp to take a full dismember, this increases the mean damage of the ability from 120.6% to 192.9%.
    Stacks with lunging perk. Lunging 3 dismember has a mean damage of 230.6% for 8 hits.
    To put that in perspective, Sever has a mean of 112.8%, Snipe is 172%, and Slaughter is 145% not counting the triple on movement.
  • Defence: Acts as a sign of life. Same cooldown.
    Effectively, this saves one inventory slot, which is a bigger deal than you'd think.
    If you are below ~89-99 div (pulse core boosts), this also frees the pocket slot which is a VERY big deal.
    Also provides a nice safety net if you forget to bring your sign/port of life.
  • Constitution: Doubles life points regained over time.
    With Fortitude, this increases your regen from 2% per minute to 3% (NOT 4% it stacks additively).

Resource Giving/Saving

These perks save you money, or help you earn more when performing the relevant action.

  • Attack: Gives a chance for degradable items not to degrade.
    Saves you 2% of the degrade cost of non-augmented items.
  • Invention: Slows the drain of invention charge.
    Saves you 2% of the degrade cost of augmented items.
  • Ranged: Acts as Ava's devices.
    Useful if you do not own Ava's alerter, or if you have a max cape but not comp.
    Otherwise, Ava's alerter itself is better due to having better combat stats.
  • Construction: Reduces the cost of creating planks.
    Reduces plank creation costs by 10%.
    Together with portable sawmills, planks can be made at 80% base cost.
  • Agility: Gives a chance of double tickets from the Brimhaven Agility Arena. Stacks with the Karamja task set reward.
    TBC: Activation rate
    Useful if you are going for pirate hooks for whatever reason.
  • Fletching: Gives a chance of automatically stringing a bow when fletching unstrung bows.
    TBC: activation rate, exceptions
    Gives the extra stringing xp upon activation.
    Generally, this increases the value of the bow produced.
  • Fishing: Gives a chance to get a double catch.
    TBC: activation rate, exceptions
    Does not give double xp.
  • Cooking: Prevents food from being burned.
    Saves money if you do not have cooking gauntlets for some reason, or if there are any items that still burn at 99 cooking.
  • Summoning: Gives a chance to save charms when infusing pouches.
    TBC: Activation rate, stacking, tertiary charms
  • Divination: Gives a chance of saving divination materials.
    TBC: Activation rate, exceptions, secondary materials, activation when converting mem+energy
    Probably good for transmuting charms.
  • Woodcutting: Provides an increased chance at finding bird's nests and crystal geodes.
    TBC: Activation rate
    kinda useless tbh


These perks are generally quality-of-life improvements which are not super important to have.

  • Runecrafting: Activate to reveal the required rune for the Rune Goldberg Machine.
    Note that this reveals the 3rd rune.
    Saves you money on trial and error.
  • Magic: Activate to swap spellbooks at banks.
    Saves a lot of time if you do not have book switchers from Invention.
    Saves the cost of components for making said book switchers.
    Note that this cannot switch prayers.
  • Prayer: Imparts the same benefits as lit burners in a player-owned house.
    Saves time and effort, increases XP/h if you do not have someone lighting for you.
  • Crafting: Thread is no longer needed when crafting.
    Allows you to craft more shields per inventory.
  • Slayer: Activate to teleport to any Slayer master in the game that you can access.
    Good not just for getting tasks, but also for general travel
  • Hunter: Activate to give your Herblore Habitat vine plant the effects of its hunter potion.
  • Smithing: Gives the same effect as the goldsmithing gauntlets.
    Actually useful if you are using the glove slot for brawlers or smithing outfit
  • Firemaking: Activate to light a fire on the spot you're standing on.
    Make a fire at fishing spot and train 2 skills at once? idk
  • Dungeoneering: Teleport to any available resource dungeon.
    TBC: Does it work for a dungeon you haven't entered before
    Saves hoardstalker rings
  • Farming: Gives a chance of instantly harvesting a patch.
    TBC: activation rate
    Chance of activation is per item rather than per patch
    All harvested items become noted


  • Herblore: Activate to clean all herbs in your inventory for no XP.
    Note that the nardah person can mass-clean herbs, but charges an exorbitant 200gp each.
  • Thieving: Lowers your stunned time when caught from 4.2 seconds to 3.
    Doesn't work for elves but probably makes dwarves even more OP
  • Mining: Gives an invisible +2 skill bonus.
  • Quest Points: Adds 30 seconds onto your Tears of Guthix time.

Perks to consider putting in Max/Comp cape (pick 3):

  • Strength
  • Defence
  • Constitution (only if you base tank a lot)
  • Attack
  • Invention
  • Slayer
  • Dungeoneering
  • Thieving (only with comp for Ardougne effect)

Capes to keep in bank at all times:

  • Runecrafting
  • Magic
  • Slayer
  • Dungeoneering

Capes to remember to grab from cape rack when the situation calls for it:

  • Construction
  • Fletching
  • Fishing
  • Summoning
  • Divination
  • Prayer
  • Crafting
  • Farming
  • Herblore
  • Thieving
  • Mining

Capes to forget:

  • Ranged
  • Agility
  • Cooking
  • Woodcutting
  • Hunter
  • Smithing
  • Firemaking
  • Quest

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I feel like fishing would be among the most useless because you do not get double XP for the double catch. I don't see the point really. If anything it would slow down XP because you would need to drop more fish, and nobody fishes for money anymore.

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Farming: Gives a chance of instantly harvesting a patch. TBC: activation rate, does excess drop to floor with full inv

So this is a super small sample but of the one herb run I've done with it, it activated once mid harvest of a patch. Second point - automatically notes all harvested items.

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