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99 chins long overdue

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NOTE: The internet is one place where I have no shame------unless I make a fool out of myself in front of a community that I respect to whatever extent. So I'd like to post a picture I spent some time finding that was taken by a member of the community who I can't name simply because I don't know who it was. If you're a veteran or interested in digging into deep forum topics, you may remember the topic.




So a few years ago c. 2009, I made it a habit to post here regularly in a skill log tracking my current progress with the account I had spent more time and dedication towards than any other account in rs. A bummer was getting banned for macroing around 90-92 hunter, which was a real personal letdown considering how much of the goal I had achieved legitimately, which happened to be levels 1-90. As you can maybe guess, I had indefinitely grown bored of the game, especially since the new graphical updates and seemingly more cancerous community within runescape itself, so I dozed off for a long while. In that time I totally had not looked back on the almost permanent decision to put down online games until old school runescape was released, which I thought was a nasty joke seeing as players were receiving partyhats and crackers for holidays, not to mention things like profanity filters not being a game factor back when, along with a few other updates. Nonetheless, I overlooked the past and tried it out for size, growing to appreciate it more and more as time flew.


I feel I let a big part of Sal's down amidst receiving a ban for botting, seeing as I ran and promoted a skill log for any and every level I achieved in rs, as well as made very good friends who probably tuck a story of an idiot who left his client open while ranting and socially appealing his ban status under their belt. Regardless, I have made and achieved goals, in real life and leisure, in the past few years that have been great and have not clouded my judgment to reconsider something as dangerous as trying out runescape for old time's sake. Some time around early 2014 I made an account in old school runescape and didn't care if it was banned/removed from the servers for whatever reason, simply because the game had depreciated with time. However, looking at gamerscores and minor milestones within the small amount of games I do play, whether console or pc based, has made me reevaluate the desire and very very small amount of thrill of getting my first 99 in runescape, which was hunter.


I couldn't care less about the initial goals I made ranging strictly from the 99s of woodcutting and mining, seeing as I literally had no logical reason to achieve those, apart from woodcutting being one of the few skills I used to pass the time and avoid more nihilistic approaches in real life. Anyways, I saw getting 99 hunter as nothing less than a reason to reitterate my stance of botting a few years back, which was totally looked down upon by me, until I stopped appreciating the rs community and quite honestly gave up given time, playing my luck until jagex realized that this guy wasn't a devoted or even interested player anymore. I did want to make one thing clear: achieving 99 hunter in the new available runescape client is one great achievement for me, especially since I made a jerk out of everyone who supported me receiving it legitimately years ago.


If anything this post is an apology and a cry for help to anyone who still appreciates and loves the Sal's community. This is without a doubt the only community I have stuck around in for such a long time, and I hate to see it crumble way at the hands of discord and disassociation, whether you blame social media, personal life based shenanigans, or something else entirely. Anyways, I achieved 99 hunter in the new-old game and I have to say I'm pretty darn proud of it, and it was a pleasure being able to post this as personal (or public) closure to the incident from a few years ago. Sal's will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I'm almost obliged to imply that Sal's was motivation for this, but I have to be honest. This was for me.


PS: upwards of 100,000 assorted clicks from level 75 hunter was necessary. I don't think my hand has forgiven me yet.




PSS: fashionscape based cape and current stats as extras





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Yeah redemption!!!


Great to see this. We've all made stupid mistakes on this forum. I don't think it's necessary to fix or own up to everything wrong you've done. Anybody with common sense knows that people change and that something which happened years ago shouldn't define you. But like you said, you were doing it for yourself.


Congratulations again.

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You have my empathy. I used to use a special bot that keeps closing doors on people, but I'm a better man now.

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Don't worry we all did silly things on these forums years ago. Just write it off as "being a teenager" (at least, that's what I do haha).


Congrats on the 99! I know this is one skill that I just don't think I could ever get to 99 because it's so click intensive. A shame though because I really like the cape.

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