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Roger Moore Dead

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Roger Moore died today at age 89 after a battle with cancer. While many might say it's devastating, his long, productive life within the entertainment business made up for aseemingly early exit. Although I stand by the opinion of Timothy Dalton being the closest Bond to an Ian Fleming's concept as they come, I'd say Moore did a damn fine job distributing his character into his entries.


I remember when I could post a topic about Bond and the forum would blow up with excitement, curiousity, rage, or just simple kind hearted conversation. If there are any readers indulging in the Bond world amongst slammers today, who is their favorite Bond? (that means you!)





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Dang I did not know about this. First Bond actor to die.


Anyway my favorite Bond was Sean Connery. Seems like it's everybody's favorite but I have to be honest. Pierce Brosnan is a close #2

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RIP, seems like a good character and class act. As for his acting as James Bond, I think he went a little overboard with the silly part. You could tell people were getting a little tired of him, which I assume is why they picked a more serious actor to follow him. I also think Sean Connery is the best Bond.

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