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So I have a macbook pro running an old OS. Too old, in fact to run the Runescape client. And since Google Chrome no longer supports Java, I can't run it on that. My Mac OS is too old to run Firefox. Safari won't run it either. The obvious solution would be to update my Mac OS, but sadly that isn't an option either. Can anyone think of ANY way I could find a way to play Runescape on this Mac? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I feel you. For now, you can still use the legacy java client. The legacy java client is downloadable on the same page as where you would download the NXT client. However, Runescape will stop using Java in some indefinite amount of time. Most people expect this to occur within a year, and it possibly could occur in three months. Regardless the legacy client appears to be your only option until then, and after that you (and I) will have no options.


There's always Old School Runescape!

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