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Crocodile Tears - Quest

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Crocodile Tears

By: Sobend

Special Thanks to:

Essential Info



Skills: 73 Hunter, 72 Fishing, 47 WC, 30 Agility

Quests: Jack of Spades, Spirits of the Elid, Missing my Mummy, Dealing with Scabaras

Items: Rope, coins, food, combat equipment kitten or cat

Also: Bring leela to Senlitens tomb, rank 3 menaphos




Getting Started




Speak to Senliten at her tomb and accept the quest. She will tell you to speak to the Sphinx and Jex in Sophanem. With your cat, speak to the Sphinx and ask about minor deities and then Crondis. Do the same with Jex. Return to Senliten and she will ask you to locate Crondis.


Locating Crondis


To locate Crondis, you will need Senliten's device for locating water. Exit the pyramid and re-enter it, this time choosing the explore the pyramid option instead of the directly to Senliten option. Head north until you find the stone ship. Take the relic from the boat.




You should now have a dowsing rod jJTxs7T.gif. Exit the pyramid and use the dowsing rod to locate Crondis. After a fair bit of running around you will visit three oases around the desert. This will get you nowhere, so return to Senliten for help. She will tell you to visit the River Spirits of the Elid, which were visited in the Spirits of the Elid quest.


To find these spirits, grab a rope and head to the source of the Elid, which is located just above the Dominion Tower. Use a rope on the waterfall and you will find yourself in a dungeon. Head north to the underground oasis and you will find three spirits. Speak to them and they will reorient your dowsing rod to find Crondis ve9E9mv.gif. Return outside and use the rod to locate Crondis again.


Crondis' Errands


You will be led into the port district of Menaphos and eventually you need water transport to go any further. Speak to Portmaster Kags and ask him to give you a ride to Crondis' pyramid. Enter the pyramid and speak to the High Priest of Crondis, who is serving that role reluctantly. Crondis will ask for a raw beltfish to eat. If you do not already have a beltfish, they can be caught in the Menaphos port district with a fishing rod, bait, and 72 fishing or bought on the Grand Exchange. When you give this to Crondis, she will complain of fish stuck in her mouth. Go back to Menaphos and cut down two acadian logs (the closest trees are int he Imperial district) and return them to Crondis.


Now Crondis will want four agility pyramid tops. This will require you to complete the agility pyramid four times. Once you have these, Crondis will want eight plover birds. Birds can be caught south of Sophanem using not bird snares but deadfall traps. All you need for this is a knife (on toolbelt) and logs. There are trees around the area you can chop down for the logs.


Crondis will then ask for croc ices. Croc ices are bought from the chocolate guy in Nardah for 1000 gold. They spoil upon teleportation so they must be delivered by foot. They are also incredibly delicious, so delicious that your character will constantly eat one every few seconds when you have them in your inventory. This means that if you buy a certain amount of croc ices, only a certain portion (probably two-thirds) will be left when you have reached Crondis. They also cost 1000 each. She will for ask for 16 croc ices. Delivering these in one trip may be difficult; your best chance to do this is to buy 28 croc ices and use a terrorbird to ensure you do not run out of energy. They can be delivered in two trips.




When you have delivered the 16 croc ices, Crondis will ask for 32 more. Firmly say "NO!" and "THAT'S ENOUGH!" while ignoring the priest's advice to keep quiet. This will enrage Crondis, and she will spit out a level 100 enemy Ukunduka.




Ukunduka will have 75,000 life points and occassionally eat your food to heal. Hence it may be wise to not use food in this fight and instead use other healing methods, but this may be difficult for lower leveled players. Regardless, Ukunduka is not a difficult enemy and should be easily vanquished.




After killing Ukunduka, Crondis will be more receptive to discussion. She will agree to stop the crocodile attacks. After this you should return to Senliten, where you will complete the quest. Congratulations, Quest Complete!





1 QP

35k XP in Fishing and Hunter

15k Xp Agility and Woodcutting

A relic of Crondis

Immunity from Desert Heat

2 TH Keys

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