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Hey all, thanks for posting issues so far!

1 hour ago, Phoenix Rider said:

I hope everyone made it here okay. Can someone please post on the main page that the old usernames are no longer valid and that everyone should log in using their last Display Name?

I've noticed that a lot of the custom images aren't working like my Distinguished Member badge. The codes for the signatures are also sorta messed up. Here's wishing Sal the very best with this site update. :smile:

I posted an announcement (Should appear at the top of every page), but it gets shortened. I wonder if this can be tweaked...

1 hour ago, Chaoss said:

I notice I can comment on some threads but not others. The post by Sal, for example, I don't see a post option under. 

This post is to test my signature. 

You don't see a Reply to This Topic button at the top-right of that topic? :(

1 hour ago, Phoenix Rider said:

Happy Birthday to our dear lilshu btw. :tongue:

EDIT - Oh and i just noticed that the menu for many of the old codes like tagging members and spoilers are missing whilst the codes themselves aren't working. I'm sure Sal would have this sorted in a couple of days though. isn't working a

Fatalysm, you helped design the old site right? I suggest you PM Sal or something. You're prolly one of the best people right now to give him a status on things and maybe give him some help.

Noted! our custom BBcodes may have been wiped out, I'll need to take a look.

1 hour ago, Phoenix Rider said:

Sal, if you want to take the site off for a few more hours, we're totally cool with it. :tongue:

EDIT - OMG, I love the new notification alert and the emoticons page needs a bit of work . :happy:


Oh no, this beast is staying online. I felt so bad for not getting it back online last night, but I wanted to be awake to keep an eye on things.

And yeah, the emoticons box doesn't have pagination, and just shows the first 21. Might want to categorize them, or something.

1 hour ago, Chaoss said:

(But I've been refreshing every hour this whole weekend hoping to see you all again.)

Only big things I notice are the little flairs under our names (Admin, DM, Forum Member) and making signatures work again. Perhaps we'll have to start formatting them a new way though if the new board version doesn't use the same formatting as the old version. I'll play around with mine. 

E: Strangely enough, if you go into signature settings and preview the sig (last button) it will show up with all pictures as normal, just the spacing is very awkward. Don't know why it isn't showing up in threads then.

Group badges are fixed!

All old (pre-upgrade) forum and blog content needs to be rebuilt. This includes posts, signatures, blog entries... basically anything that uses BBcode. The task t oregenerate everything is running, but it's taking an absolute eternity. You can manually go in and re-save signatures and stuff and it *should* just work. But the Friendly Forum BBcode Robot will be coming by soon to clean things up!

1 hour ago, Sobend said:

I get logged off frequently.

I'm looking into this. It's a super pain and has happened to me too. I had previously switched IP address validation off, and I think that prevented this from happening. But I'm not seeing that option any more.

1 hour ago, Fatalysm said:

You're getting squares because IPS cannot see the images in the directory, basically Sal needs to re-upload the images or re-link them.

Speaking of theming the forums, I really think people should vote on their favourites and I would happily donate to add some.

There's bound to be a few bugs with the switch over, we're going to have to either wait for Sal or depend on Lilshu's competency of the administrative panel :P.

If you want to fix your signature, take out all the code and use the rich-text editor, seemed to work for me.

Definitely. We can certainly add some themes!

58 minutes ago, Chaoss said:

Not gonna lie.. if RuneScape Blue is a thing I dearly miss it.

I created RuneScape Blue and RuneScape Dark (I think that's what it was called) ages ago for IPB 2.1, but I never updated it when we upgraded forum version. I think I still have the images and styles somewhere!

53 minutes ago, Sobend said:

ChristmasNOW NOW!!!


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Sal, you rock. 

As for the announcement thread, no I only see an option to create a new thread on that post. No option at the top or under to add my own comment. 

Thanks for getting the group badges pictures fixed! Looks good! And glad to hear Dr. BBCode robot will be sweeping through shortly! :ice:

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I think the lesson to be learned here is that only Distinguished Members should be able to post.

Also, upon changing one's password, one of the two methods of additional security is enacting security questions, but none exist currently:


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17 minutes ago, Kemosabe said:

Wow, what a change to wake up to.


Edit: Wow, it's been so long since I last had to as well - how do I change my signature?


Then go to "Signature" on the left sidebar.

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